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Craftsman Heavy Duty Neverkink® Self-Straightening Hose - 75-ft


Reflex Mesh® construction - Guaranteed not to kink or tangle. Protected with MicroShield® - guards against mold and mildew that can cause hose deterioration. High strength, lead-free aluminum couplings that are leak-proof and crush resistant.

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A hose is a hose, basically.


So obviously everyone who has ever used a garden hose has had it kink up, seemingly all on its own. Seriously, they seem to just fold up on purpose. Since this annoyance is so commonplace, advertising a hose as "Neverkink" and "Self-Straightening" makes it incredibly appealing. I hate having to shake the hose, trying to unlink it, only to have it kink twice more further down the line. When I saw the Craftsman Neverkink Self-Straigtening hose I was definitely interested in it. I was hesitant to purchase though for two reasons. The first was the price. I'm not fanatical about gardening so spending a lot on a hose doesn't really appeal to me. The second reason was that I was skeptical about its ability to live up to its name. Overall, the hose is alright. I don't think it really straightens itself. It does kink less than your average garden hose. It is easier to unkink than your average garden hose. So I'm not sorry I bought it, the 75' length is really nice too. It seems sturdy, I expect it will last a good long while.

Southfield, MI


Craftsman Heavy Duty Neverkink® Self-Straightening Hose - 75-ft

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