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Craftsman ¾ HPS* Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with DieHard® Battery Backup, two Multi-Function Remotes and Keypad


The NEW Craftsman ¾ HPS Garage Door Opener operates the door during a power failure with the integrated DieHard Battery, is ultra-quiet with steel reinforced belt and DC motor with soft  start and stop. Easy to install and maintain with a simple user interface and quick install rail system this model also has many safety, security, and convenience features built in.  

The Craftsman ¾ HPS 54918 also features a Tri-Frequency Radio System, Anti-Burglary Coding Technology, and Timer-to-Close providing convenient and secure operation of your garage door.

** HPS is horsepower strength with same lifting force specifications as 3/4HP

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Smooth and quiet opener


I decided to upgrade my garage opener to the Craftsman 3/4 HPS Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive and after first use I feel like I made a great decision. This garage opener is beyond quiet and opens/closes very smoothly. The sensors are very accurate and can be seen in direct sunlight from several feet away. I have used the remote to open the door a block away and it registers on the first attempt. The automatic closing feature has been put to use when I forgot to close the door when I'm in a rush. The back up battery has come in handy when my power went out last summer and I was still able to retrieve my car from the garage. I'm also impressed with the accuracy of the temperature reading, but the clock appears to slowly lose track of time over the course of 4-5 days, which can effect the garage open/close timer, but I don't use it so it doesn't bother me. I would definitely recommend the Craftsman 3/4 HPS Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Garage Door Opener because it very quiet, registers commands on first attempt, and has a back up battery system.


Westchester, IL


So quiet


After having an incredibly loud and unreliable set of garage door openers, I was thrilled when my husband agreed to switch to the Craftsman Ultra Quiet. I have two small children who frequently fall asleep on the way home in the car. My old garage door opener was so loud that it always woke them up. So of course, that is my first favorite feature. But the list doesn't stop there! This garage door opener boasts the two key S's in my book: safety and security, but it goes beyond that by being extremely convenient. As a busy mom trying to wrestle my kids in and out of the car, I don't have time to mess with a fussy garage door. The Craftsman has a motion sensor to automatically stop it from lowering if anything trips the sensor, such as one of my kids running under the door. That alone gives me so much piece of mind. The chain operation is smooth and quiet. I love that I can use either a remote or keypad. This has been lifesaving when we needed neighbors to get into our home when we were gone. Another lifesaving feature is the Diehard power source. I once got stuck in the garage right after a storm, needing to get out but having no electricity to open the door. I was never for thankful for this aspect than in that moment. Confession, we are not big DIY folks, so we did hire someone to install it, but he was so impressed with how sturdy it was and kept comparing it to all of the other openers he usually installs. We have it on the main garage door that I use right now, but as soon as our other older opener breaks down, we're switching to the Craftsman for that door as well.


Dallas, TX


Craftsman ¾ HPS* Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with DieHard® Battery Backup, two Multi-Function Remotes and Keypad

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