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Craftsman Four-Gallon Five-Peak HP Wet-Dry Vac


Craftsman Wet/Dry Vac Can Clean It All

From cobwebs on the ceiling fan to grit on the floor and everything in between, the Craftsman ultra-quiet 4-gallon 5-peak hp household wet/dry vac can do a thorough job of cleaning up your disasters, big and small. It will suck up those accidental spills and take care of a dishwasher flood with equal ease. Its advanced filtration system, including a HEPA exhaust, will trap dust mites and fine particles than can torment allergy sufferers. The four-gallon collection tank means less stopping to empty the contents.

The Craftsman wet/dry vac keeps everything together in one convenient place thanks to a built-in tool storage system. The 15-foot cord and seven foot hose give you room to maneuver, while a collection of three extension wands and a 10-inch combo brush ensure that you have the right tools for virtually any job. Swivel casters let you get around easily, while the rear wheels keep the vac upright on rough surfaces.

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Emergency Vacuum


I purchased this vacuum after we had a major pipe breakage in our home that left us with an entire nights worth of water standing in three rooms of our home. I choose this unit due to it's large size capacity. The vacuum work with a very high efficiency and helped to eliminate the mess in just a matter of a couple of hours. I had to empty it a few times but that is a very easy task. I also noticed after just a few minutes the unit did pick up the water a little slower, but still worked well enough to do the job. I have no real complaint about the slowing of the unit as in my case I may have very well abused the little vacuum, but it still did a fine job. I would most certainly buy another one if I needed to as I was very happy with the result and the work it saved me. I will have to admit I never expected it to be as loud as it is but that again is a small discomfort to deal with compared to my original mess. This is a really good vacuum for the price and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a wet and dry vacuum.



cleaning machine


Our Craftsman Four-Gallon Five-Peak HP Wet-Dry Vac is a cleaning machine. We love it so much that we have lent it out to friends and they have turned around and purchased one of their own. Maneuverability The Craftsman Four-Gallon Five-Peak HP Wet-Dry Vac is extremely easy to move around. The set of large wheels means that the Craftsman vac will not get stuck on little things, like nails, bolts, and screws, that fall on the ground in my garage and would often cause the wheels of my old wet-dry vac to get stuck. Versatility There is nothing that my Craftsman Four-Gallon Five-Peak HP Wet-Dry Vac can't handle. From our outdoor living space to our garage to the guest bedroom, we are able to use our Craftsman vacuum in practically every room in the house. Durability We have been using our Craftsman Four-Gallon Five-Peak HP Wet-Dry Vac for over a year now. We have not experienced any issues with things breaking or attachments not properly fitting. Our Craftsman vac is pretty much in the same condition as when we initially purchased it.



Craftsman Four-Gallon Five-Peak HP Wet-Dry Vac

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