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Craftsman Drill/Driver

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This Craftsman Drill is the best one I have ever owned


This is one of the best drills that I have ever owned and used. You can not get a better Name-Brand that performs this good and t a fantastic price. The best featue of this drill is that has a LED light that lights up the work space so you can see what you are drilling without needing a outside light source. Another fantastic feature is that you can adjust the torque with the virable tourque setting on the top of the chuck. Also The Craftsman Drill has a bilt-in level right into the top of the drill to help in aid of drilling a perfict strait and level hole every time. To change a drill bit take little or no time at all. All that is required is a drill bit and your hands, That's it. All you do is hold the chuck and pull the triger in revers and it pops out. You then put the new Drill bit in and pull the triger in the forword position and ther drill bit is locked in place. That is all the effort that reguired to change a bit.

Newark, OH


Craftsman Drill/Driver

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