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Craftsman DLT 2000 48" Riding Lawn Tractor

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makes life much easier for me


My Craftsman riding lawn mower has been a Godsend for me here in the south. We recently moved here and bought our house, and we included the previous homeowner's Craftsman riding lawn mower into the negotiations. Our new( to us) home is a half acre, so that would take quite a while to mow using a push mower. Also, being able to do our own yard mowing saves us money on having to rely on a lawn service. Our Craftsman makes the job quick and painless, almost sweat free even in this Carolina summer. In fact, if you get that baby going fast enough, you can muster a cool breeze blowing on you while you cut the grass. It can't be beat. I do have to go back with a push mower and weed eater to get around tight areas that the lawn tractor is just to big and bulky to get to. These areas include right up next to the house and right along our deck steps. It also is easy for me to operate, and I can do the yardwork so my husband can enjoy his weekend more.

Newport, NC


A mower that could be better,with a little engineering.


I have a craftsman 1100 dyn its been a good mower ,except for the air  intake ,the Briggs and stratton was design with a flawed intake that lets dirt in the motor thus shortening the life of the mower. i have had one motor replaced before i found the flaw, luckily i had a warranty that covered most of the cost.If the design team could come up with a better filter housing that would seal this mower would be as good as my old MTD that is 15 years old and still running.Too bad they don't make a mower to fit that old jem.But the craftsmen has been worth the money and i still get a lot of mowing done but i have to be very diligent about the air filter and  weather it is sealing or not ,i have found if you use a little Vaseline around the rubber of the filter it will seal better.

Ward, AR


the riding mower works good but needs a tighter turning raito


* The lawn mower is great because it picks up what you have cut and the leaves also and make it easier to get rid of but you cant make shape turns with it.The cutting deck could be a little bit the more u can cut the fast thing get done. Maybe work on blades that last longer and that has four-wheel drive because some people have to cut around swaps and or creeks where the ground is soft and sometimes get suck i know this cut i used to cut grass for a living and sometime chains don't always help of when your in the winter and your trying to plow and snow-blow with them they kind get stuck Lot so maybe making better tires or giving the a life or space out the tire in the back a little move because riding mowers are also hard to use on the sides of hill maybe they need to make something that well help keep kids from getting hurt on them like getting ran over and people getting there toes cut off and hands also .*

Keyser, WV


made to last


when i looked at the stars to rate my craftsman riding mower, my first impulse was to give 4 stars.  4 stars is outstanding and thats a really good rating.  but then i realized my mower is nearly 20 years old and still running like new!  my parents bought each of their 3 children a craftsman 38" riding mower, and bought themselves a 42" at the same time.  is that fantastic parents, or what?  we mow about an acre and a half--part of it on a fairly steep hill.  the mower is simple to understand, the buttons and gears are in places that make sense; my only problem is because i'm five foot two, the brake always seems a far stretch for me--i have to slide forward on the seat to make the brake hold.  but the mower is easy to use. it has the safety seat--meaning if you raise up off the seat or remove yourself from it, the mower automatically shuts off.  in all the years we've used our craftsman, we've had to buy 2 new batteries, one new front tire and last year we broke our first belt!  hows that for an economical riding mower?

Surgoinsville, TN


Strong and Durable


My Craftsman Riding Mower with 26 hp Kohler engine and 50" deck is a dream.  It cuts nearly half an acre in 35 minutes.  Up and down hills, around obstacles, no problems.  If you thinking about a rider, look no further.

Austin, TX


My Craftsman 26hp garden tractor does everything that I ask of i


My Craftsman 26hp garden tractor has all of the power that I need. I use it not only for  mowing, but also for pulling a Agri-Fab 26 bushel chipper/lawn vac, yard clean-up and and pulling a cart loaded with fireplace wood. I also purchased the dozer blade for the tough winters we sometimes have in northern Michigan. I have not any problems with this machine. I bought the Craftsman 54" Garden Tractor last year just in time for the fall season and I could not be more pleased with my purchase. My lawn looks even due to the tuned 3 blade mower deck. The lawn doesn't have the ridges that are common with other mowers. The hydrostatic transmission (which I was a little leery of buying at first) makes driving the tractor a dream. I can even get my wife to take a turn mowing the 3 acres of the 8 we own. The adjustable seat makes it easy for both of us to drive in comfort.

Atlanta, MI


Craftman is a name you can Trusted Everything sale is great.


*Craftman Rider Mower.   * *This rider mower is great. It is a company you can trust everything sale is good. I never had any problem mine.  Really think easy to use. And the price tag is that bad for what you getting.* *If had 100 choices on which rider mower to get. Regards if the other one in the store were. Less in price I would buy this one even they ( The store) Didn't have in stock. I would wait intell they did. I away buy Craftman 99 times out of hundred. What say about the items has been true.* *It easy to use, and not that hard to learn how to use it. And it get the job done. Everytime get one Craftman item's at the store. I belive they care about there customer and not the money. They going make on selling there item.  I never had take it back for major problem. And alway works great.* *So if looking for good rider lawn mower. I would let know give Craftman a nine. Because it works great and you don't have worry about any major problems * *It get job done it easy to use and you get your lawn cut alot faster than a push mower.  And you find out that it has soft seat. And start right up every time you use it. Even if been seating in around for the whole summer. Because leave Utah and about five month's of year not using it. * *I even use it  for picking up my leave during fall season. And has alot power. And you have alot different speed to chorse from and easy to use. I guess say user friendly.  * *And also has allot of safely thing on it so know will. Get hurt when you are using it. * *It the best lawn mower. I every own. If need get another one that Craftman is the one. I would buy next to none. And if store go to doesn't have, they can get I will go somewhere else to get it*  

Layton, UT


Craftsmen Lawn Tractors need better engineering.


Bought a Craftsmen Garden Tractor because thought it would be heavy duty and not need so much repair.  We find that the *serpentine belts* break twice a year, suggesting that the pulleys need to be better aligned so wear on belts is lessened.* Mower blades* need to be engineered to throw grass out the shoot instead of balling up grass under the deck. We would like the *hook-up connection* to be easier to change mower and snow blade or blower.  We do like the *bagger* we added to our mower; it is a big help in cleaning up dead grass and leaves, which we then use as mulch or compost in our garden.  PS:  *Sears repair service* is expensive. Also they did not like me wanting to purchase different mower blades, which I found work better in throwing the grass out of the shoot.   

Carsonville, MI


Pure joy oh very own Tractor


This lawn tractor was the answer to our very large, on a slope, yard. With my husband's bad knee and sore feet this was the best Fathers day gift by far. It preforms beautifully - the hard bag grass catcher works well and is very easy to empty. Looking forward to aquiring more attachments....hint to Santa...

South Bend, WA


Craftsman DLT 2000 48" Riding Lawn Tractor

4.3 9