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Craftsman Cordless Rechargeable Work Light with 35 LED Lights


The Craftsman Cordless Rechargeable LED Work Light Brings Light to Any Job

The Craftsman cordless rechargeable work light with 35 LED lights is the last utility light you'll ever need. It's lightweight, compact and cordless, allowing it to be used in hard-to-reach and tight spaces like behind appliances and under cars. With 35 LED lights you can use it as both as a work light and spotlight, shedding light on projects of all sizes.

The Craftsman cordless rechargeable LED work light is perfect for the shop, garage or job site. The light boasts both a swivel hook and a magnet, making it easy to hang it exactly where you need it. Since it rotates 360 degrees, once it's placed you can easily adjust it till you achieve the right angle. The rechargeable light comes with both AC and DC chargers, so you can charge it at home or from your vehicle.

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Great light for a short period of time


I picked up the Craftsman Cordless Rechargeable Work Light to use in tight low light spots and it definitely has been a delight, but it has one significant limitation. The flashlight portion of this device is a nice added feature that doesn't cast a spot light like a typically flashlight but it illuminates a very large area of space pretty evenly despite its small circumference. The 35 LED Lights are extremely bright and the position of the lights makes getting into tight spaces an easy task. The major drawback to this device is that the battery life isn't sufficient for projects that require more than an hour of continuous use. This LED Light dies a little after an hour and it takes two hours to recharge it to full capacity. I definitely would recommend the Craftsman Cordless Rechargeable Work Light for periodic use, but not for time consuming projects.


Westchester, IL


Craftsman Cordless Rechargeable Work Light with 35 LED Lights

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