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Craftsman C3 1/2-In Heavy-Duty Drill Kit Powered by XCP


Count on This 1/2 In Heavy Duty Drill Kit to Deliver

A solid addition to any shop, this Craftsman C3 1/2 in heavy duty lithium drill kit delivers the versatility of powerful torque, high RPMs and portable power. Utilizing the energy of a lightweight, yet powerful 19.2 volt lithium battery it delivers up to 465 inch pounds of torque, while a simple shift in gears delivers up to 1600 RPMs of fast driving action. Easy to control and maneuver, its lightweight frame and ergonomic design are built for a sure grip, while the 24 position adjustable torque clutch drives with precision.

Powered by more than an ordinary lithium battery, this 1/2 in heavy duty drill kit utilizes the cutting edge power of the C3 XCP battery. Featuring a slip profile, with 10% more torque, 35% more runtime and up to 3 times the charge cycles of traditional NiCd batteries, it delivers with every job. And since this set comes complete with a multi chemistry charger, portable tool bag and a driver bit set, you know it’s ready for just about anything, right out of the box. Pick-up this set, and get the job done with the power of Craftsman.

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Long lasting and very useful to have around the house


My husband received this drill as a Christmas gift a year or so ago. He has used it many times since getting it and it's still working great. It has withstood the test of time that's for sure. He has used it to put together many different pieces of furniture for our house including most recently a wardrobe closet and dresser for our new baby that's coming in two months. This drill not only did a great job it saved him tons of time when putting together these furniture pieces. The battery seems to last a very long time before needing to be recharged again which is great if you are needing it for a long length of time. He has also told me the drill is very powerful and easy to use. He has said the grip is comfortable and the drill itself isn't too heavy to hold when using. I'm so glad my husband has this drill, makes doing things around the house much easier. I would highly recommend this to anyone to have in their house. It's a great product at a decent price and lasts a very long time.




Long lasting, good power, and comfortable.


I received this drill kit as a gift and I have used it quite a bit already. I used it to put two storage sheds together this fall for my first project, and it performed well. It was powerful enough to drive the screws, (long or short), with no hesitation. I installed extra support posts on the sides and roof because we live in area that can get quite a lot of snow, and I felt the weight could be a problem. I was able to drive the longer screws one after another without any problems. My last drill would lose power after less than a dozen long screws, but this battery handled more without running down. The battery lasted beyond the time my last drill did before needing to be recharged. It is not as heavy as drills I have had in the past, but it still does a good job with lots of power. It is also quite comfortable to grip and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others. I have since seen the price in the store, and feel that it is reasonably priced for what you get.


Detroit Lakes, MN


Craftsman C3 1/2-In Heavy-Duty Drill Kit Powered by XCP

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