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Craftsman All Rubber Garden Hose 5/8 In. x 50 Ft.


A Garden Hose That's Built To Last

Don't drag that busted old garden hose around your yard another summer. Instead, grab the durable Craftsman 50ft garden hose and forget the yards of tape, leaky couplers and pin-hole leaks that rob you of the pressure you need to wash the car or send water out to a thirsty garden.

A resilient build allows this garden hose to withstand hot water temperatures up to 160°F while remaining flexible and easy to use all the way down to -25°F, so you can use this hose in the garden, driveway, to flush the water heater, or drain a pool for winter. No matter how you need to move your water, this tough garden hose will help. And forget about corroded couplers that you need a pair of pliers to get on and off, the nickel plating on each of the hose-ends ensure easy use for years to come. A solid piece of equipment you can count on, get that water moving with Craftsman.

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Durable Garden Hose


Finally, no more tape on holes on pin-hole leaks! This Craftsman All Rubber Garden Hose 5/8 In. x 50 Ft. was a valuable buy. It is very durable and resilient. The hose end is nickle plated so you don't have to worry about it corroding. It is definitely built to last for a long time. I no longer have to worry about kinks either. I have a flower garden in the front of my home and one in the back of my home. I am able to hook this garden hose up on the side of my home, use it to water my garden and lawn in the front, and then throw it over the fence to use it in the back. Most hoses I bought in the past would kink up or tear from throwing it over the fence, but the Craftsman All Rubber Garden Hose 5/8 In. x 50 Ft. doesn't. I also use it to water my lawn and keep it looking healthy. The only drawback is the weight. It is a bit heavy. But that's expected if you want a hose that is built to last. My husband uses it to wash his car also. It is made to stand up to hot water temperatures, which comes in handy when my husband is washing the vehicles. I highly recommend the Craftsman All Rubber Garden Hose 5/8 In. x 50 Ft. to anyone looking for a durable, resilient water hose that will last for years to come. I plan to buy another one just so I have a back up in case something would happen to this one. I really love and feel like I finally found a hose that is made for even tough jobs.


Columbus, OH


Garden Hose - Quality - Worth the cost difference


For years I have bought what I thought was quality water hoses. These hoses would last a few summers but It seemed that they were not lasting very long and I was replacing them more frequently. We live in the southwest where the summer temperature soar and garden hoses left out simply do not last. When the last hose started leaking around the connection and I got more water on me than the yard, I started looking for replacement hoses. I decided to do a little research this time and shop on the internet. I started reading about the Craftsman 100 percent rubber hoses and decided to give them a try. I wasn't brave enough to buy but one but it is a great product and I have bought another one. My concerns were WEIGHT and would it wrap inside my hose keeper. YES, it rolls smoother than the old one did. Would it weight more than the other and make it difficult to drag over the yard. YES, it does weigh more but NO, it pulls out easier and stays where you want it. The heat doesn't effect it however like the old hose, it does get hot when it is left out in the sun. It is so nice to be able to use the hose without taking a shower or getting sprayed. Great product and I recommend this product and what a bonus to be able to get a USA made product.


Peoria, AZ


A Great Hose for your Gardening Needs and More


This is an awesome hose! This hose takes care of all of my gardening needs. It is flexible and weather resistant, with 50 foot for you to venture with. The hose has a strong amount of pressure so it is good for pressure washing the house, washing the car and those other tough jobs. Even with its long cord you can still use it for watering the flowers, etc. I love the fact that it is also priced affordably. There is a lifetime warranty offered so if anything ever happens to the hose you can get a replacement at no cost. I have owned my hose for about 6 years now and it is still in phenomenal condition.


Nashville, TN


Strong and sturdy Garden Hose


I recently needed to replace several of the garden hoses at a number of our properties. I decided to go ahead and replace them all while I was at it. As soon as I saw the Craftsman All Rubber hoses, and saw that they were fifty feet in length I decided that I was going to replace all of them with this variety. As soon as you pick this hose up you can tell how strong and sturdy that it is. It is for sure a all purpose and heavy duty hose. I purchased twelve of them, and have never been happier with a hose. They are durable enough to get ran over multiple times with the truck and even once or twice with the tractor. They are easily coiled or wrapped up for safekeeping when I am done using them for the day. Sometimes with heavy duty hoses, it gets hard to manuever them, that is not the case with these Crafsman all rubber hoses, even though they are strong and sturdy they are still relatively lightweight. They were a little more expensive than your average hose, but it is well worth the price since they are much better made than any other hose that I have tried. I would for sure urge people to use these, and not just people who are property owners with a lot of land, they would work well for just about anybody. I'd rather make the investiment in this hose and have it last longer than have to keep replacing a cheaper and cheaply made hose.




will last a long time !


I am a person who has bought 5 or 6 budget hoses in as many years . When it came time to replace the latest hose , I decided to go with a quality product like Craftsman and pay a little more . This hose seems to be made so much better than all the others I have owned . First of all , it does not leak at all at the spout . There is a tight seal there and no wasted water or spraying it all over yourself or areas you did not want to get wet . It feels very heavy duty and the rubber feels tougher than the cheap counterparts out there . It is over a half inch thick and well-constructed . I chose the 50 foot length because I use this hose mainly to water a small area of grass , a few plantings and to wash my sub compact car . But they also make a 100 ft hose for people who have larger lawns or big gardens . This hose has never yet kinked on me - it is probably because the rubber is thicker and a heavy gauge so it lays flat when you unroll it . This hose also has a lifetime guarantee - where have you seen that lately ? So , I know this may well be the last hose I have to ever buy . I expect to get many years of use out of this to hose down my garage floor , wash a car, water the lawn and other jobs that come up. I am glad I decided to go for a quality product - it is worth the difference in price and I would recommend it to anyone .


Springfield, MA


Craftsman All Rubber Garden Hose 5/8 In. x 50 Ft.

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