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Craftsman 90990535 22-Piece Drill Bit Set

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not for repeated use 22-piece drill bit set


These drill bits are good for someone who is going to use them once in a while but I needed to drill 26 holes in 1/4" material , the first 7 holes were great but then even sharpening didn't help, I ended up going to my local hardware store and buying a cheap drill bit to finish with allthough it took two of the cheap bits to get the job done it was still cheaper then driving to sears and then spending the money to put the bit back in my set.


Nedrow, NY


Craftsman 22-Piece Drill Bit Set is convenient, but not perfect


The Craftsman 22-Piece Drill Bit Set is handy for quick jobs because the base of the drill bit is fitted with a quick connect.  However, this can pose some limitations.  I have found these types of drill bits to wobble more than a standard drill bit which can slow you down on a precision job.  I had one of the drill bits come loose from the quick connect base.  Still, this is a nice set of bits with a see-through carrying case.  The wide range of bit sizes will handle most jobs you encounter.


Lexington, KY


Craftsman 90990535 22-Piece Drill Bit Set

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