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Craftsman 8-in. Max Axess Locking Wrench


Consolidate Wrenches with this 8 in. Max Axess Locking Wrench

The Craftsman 8 in. Max Axess locking wrench does the job of 14 wrenches from 1/2 to 3/4 inches and 12 to 20mm. You get a custom grip with this versatile wrench, and you get the benefit of taking one wrench with you rather than a handful. This one wrench is responsible for freeing up your tool chest or tool bag for other items. This adaptable custom locking wrench will soon be your favorite wrench because it uses six steel blocks that slip nicely into place around both nuts and bolts.

This 8 in. Max Axess locking wrench adapts and adjusts with little effort to a wide range of fastener sizes and shapes for use on many different projects. It also grips fasteners on all sides, which helps to prevent the rounding effect no one wants. The secure locking feature provides more torque for more user-generated power.

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Solid adjustable wrench, but not for tight spaces


I picked up the Craftsman 8-in. Max Axess Locking Wrench because I wanted to see if it could replace my socket set for small jobs around the house. The handle of this wrench has a good rubber grip that provides excellent leverage when I'm holding a bolt in place. I like that this wrench does a great job of transitioning between sizes smoothly. What I like most about this wrench is that it does a great job of removing bolts that I have stripped due to using pliers. Once I lock the wrench on the bolt there is no slippage as long as I apply enough pressure. The major downside to using this wrench is that I can't fit it in to tight spaces and it's difficult to use against a flat surface. I tried removing a bolt against a concrete wall and ended up scrapping my knuckles because the head of the wrench is too bulky for tight spaces. I would definitely recommend the Craftsman 8-in. Max Axess Locking Wrench to anyone looking for a wrench for simple tasks in open space, but I wouldn't recommend this as a replacement for a universal wrench set.


Westchester, IL


Craftsman 8-in. Max Axess Locking Wrench

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