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Rechargeable flashlight
Craftsman 73904 Rechargeable LED Worklight

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Reasonably priced at the store and minimal storage needed


This light was reasonably priced when I purchased it several months ago. It has a bright illumination and is rugged. My hubby uses it all the time to work on his jeep. In addition, he said it's nice to utilize in his shed which has no electricity so since this item can be used as a cordless device it's perfect for use in the shed. I like that it takes up very minimal storage space as our garage is small. Handy to se as a flashlight too! We set it up on Halloween outside to brighten our front yard.

Newark, DE


not worth the money


After pushing my boss to buy a cordless work light, he picked two of these up. I have used this type of light before but never a craftsman. I will never purchase this for my own use or recommend it to anyone. The lights that I used had a swivel hook that was actually big enough to hang on most hoses or wire looms etc. This hook is small and mostly useless. The magnet is not strong enough to stick and hold up the light. I have tried to use it during oil changes under cars, trucks and semis, it just doesn't work like it should. I never looked to see if it is made in the USA and I hope it is not. If it is, we should be ashamed of ourselves.



Bright, easy to use and store worklight


The Craftsman Cordless 35-LED Rechargeable Worklight is a handy worklight. We bought ours last year and we use it all the time. It has a magnet on the side which allows us to store it on the side of the refrigerator, which is very convenient for us. The light itself has three options- one where it comes out the end like a normal flashlight, one where it comes all down the side of the stick (a little less than a foot long) and the third option is both lights at the same time.  For day to day use the battery lasts a long time. If you are using it to work on a car a night you will have to plug it in after an a while. The light is very bright and makes walking in the dark easy, especially when you have both lights on. My sisters kids come over and love playing with it. However, when we first got this light the charger wouldn't work, and we took it back and exchanged it for this one that we have never had a problem with.  

Portage, IN


Craftsman Rechargeable WorkLight LED is so bright!!


Okay I'm not a tool person and I know this is a flashlight but I'm gonna try lol. CRAFTSMAN LED Worklight model number 73904. Its this long black led flashlight that is about 14 inches high. It has a black clip on the top for hanging or storage. The handle has a hand grip and is the size of a normal hand the on button is at the bottom along with the plug in for the wire to charge it. Up from the handle starts the plastic that holds the 27 led lights in one long line about a foot long of light. Click on and they all light up sooo bright It could blind ya! Click the on button again and it goes off and at the very top 9 more led's light up and shine out the top for a more direct focused light. Click it again and it goes off. Yes it has two features!! A long wide frame of light that really shines!! And more direct path of light from the top that is so bright it could burn your eyes right out of your head..lol no but seriously it is bright. Comes with a AC Adaptor and a car adapter. Came with a really cool refridgerator magnet too that you put on your fridge and hang up the led light on (the flashlight) for quick access and so you don't lose it lol. I love it, its quick and lightweight and as bright as the sun. It was a gift so I have no clue on cost. Do NOT try to use as a hammer! Joking. hehe OH and REMEMBER Craftsman is gauranteed for LIFE so if it breaks you get a new one for FREE!

Somerset, OH


Craftsman 73904 Rechargeable LED Worklight

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