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Craftsman 6 bushel 2 - bin Soft Bagger for 46" Deck Lawn Tractors


Clean Up the Lawn with the Craftsman 2 Bin Soft Bagger

The Craftsman 6 bushel 2 bin soft bagger fits lawn tractors with a 46 inch deck to quickly and efficiently collect grass clippings and leaves. Plus, unlike a typical bag system, you won't need to deal with individual bags – simply fill the bins up with clippings, lift, dump and refill. This bagger completely eliminates the need for manual raking. If clippings aren't collected directly after mowing, they can build up over time, compress and prevent grass roots from receiving the right amounts of water, oxygen and nutrients.

The easy-to-empty Craftsman 2 Bin Soft Bagger collects up to a massive 6 bushels of clippings at once for less frequent dumping. The top of the bag is designed for improved airflow, which results in fuller bags and less stops. Easy-glide design with built-in handles provides no-hassle clipping disposal.

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I have used this bagger on our riding mower for about four years, and it has given average results. It usually gets the job done, but it does sometimes have trouble filling up both buckets with grass. I would rather if it was more effective at actually holding grass. Performance This bagger works pretty well, although it sometimes has trouble getting the grass to feed into both buckets. Sometimes one bucket will fill up well, but then it makes the mower just spit out grass instead of sucking it into the other bucket. Handling These baggers are a little bulky, especially for trying to mow in the corners of a fence. But they are better than the bagger with three buckets, and I can usually back into the corner and get most of the grass (the bagger pushing the chain link fence a little bit). Durability The buckets themselves are quite strong. Even with occasionally bumping into fences and trees, they have withstood some abuse without any cracks or breaks.



Craftsman 6 bushel 2 - bin Soft Bagger for 46" Deck Lawn Tractors

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