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Craftsman 6 Bushel 2-Bin Hard Bagger for 42" Deck Lawn Tractors


The Craftsman 2 Bin Hard Bagger is the Must-Have Accessory To Keep A Clean, Tidy Lawn

Don't drag out the job of cutting your grass, get this Craftsman 6 bushel 2 bin hard bagger for lawn tractor and keep yard looking its best. Whether you're a homeowner with a big yard or a pro with a huge client list give yourself the advantage of the proper bagger and get more done in less time.

Featuring a massive six-bushel capacity, this Craftsman 2 bin hard bagger is the ideal accessory for the 42 inch deck on your lawn tractor. Grass and leaves are funneled up into the two removable bins as you roll forward. Whether you're taking down heavy growth from spring rains or cleaning up a yard littered with fall leaves, you can cover more ground faster. Plus, you can contain acres of yard waste in a pair of tidy, easy-to-handle bundles. Built from durable cast plastic, Craftsman designed this hanging bagger to last through seasons of heavy use, while eliminating the cost of constantly replenishing of your yard bag supply. With this bagger, disposing of your yard waste has never been easier. Simply pop off the bins and dump the grass clippings and leaves onto your compost pile or bag it for curbside pickup. The bins quickly reattach so you're back getting things done.

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Good Bagger


I have used this bagger with a riding mower for the last several years for the bigger yard that we take care of. Overall, it works pretty well. It has a large capacity that can last through about half of the yard we work on, so I usually empty it twice while going through (about three quarters of an acre). The grass spreads between both of the two containers pretty well. Even when one container is full, it still fills the other one without clogging up. But one of the problems is that the feeder on the bagger occasionally clogs where it comes into the bagger, and then it backs up and spreads grass over the lawn. The other main problem is that the two hard baggers overlap when they sit in the brackets, so one sits on top of the other one. As a result, when you pull out the first bagger, the other one will often spill out grass on the ground (especially if it gets a little too full before emptying and is piled up on top of the bagger). But overall, it works very well, and I have been pleased with it.



Craftsman 6 Bushel 2-Bin Hard Bagger for 42" Deck Lawn Tractors

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