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Craftsman 4 pc. Barbecue Gift Set


4-pc. Barbecue Gift Set Will Handle All Your Favorite Outdoor Cooking Masterpieces

The perfect gift for your favorite outdoor chef, the Craftsman 4-pc. barbecue gift set is made of stainless steel, with tool-style handles and wrench-shaped cutouts on the fork, tongs and turner. Or pick these up as a special treat for yourself. The Craftsman name guarantees quality and durability, and the whimsical styling means you'll love them for more than just their convenient usability.

With the 4-pc. barbecue gift set, you can be assured your latest barbecue masterpiece will turn out perfectly, whether it's burgers, chicken, hot dogs, grilled vegetables, or another BBQ combo unique to your recipe book. You'll love the strength and flexibility of these tools. The set includes a brush, flipper, tongs and fork to meet all your barbecue needs.

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Great Father's Day Gift!


I bought this for my husband one year ago for Father's Day and he loved it! He users it every time he barbecues now! This particular Craftsman 4pc BBQ Gift Set looks cool and performs well. It was a great buy! Performance So far so good! Makes picking up and flipping meats, along with basting meats a breeze! The handles protect your hands from the heat of the grill. Versatility These could be used for everyday cooking, I suppose. However, they work best while grilling and. Ease of Use Very easy to use. Nothing could be done better to improve this. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning them can be a bit tough. Just have to soak them depending on how you use them. Durability One year down, a lot more to go! Hoping to use these for several years. I'm even considering getting a set for my dad this Father's Day! Design These Craftsman 4pc Barbecue Gift Set looks very stylish. They look manly! It has cool bone shaped cut outs in the spatula too. Any guys would love to be seen with them.




the IT gift this year


I brought the Craftsman 4 piece Barbecue Gift Set to a gift exchange this holiday season after receiving it myself as a gift earlier this year. The BBQ set was THE gift that was fought over, definitely the hit of the party. Performance I am able to expand my grilling options with the Craftsman 4 piece barbecue gift set. This is the first time that I have had a quality outdoor brush to add sauces and glazes. I cannot wait to get back outside on my patio next weekend and grill up something juicy and filled with flavor. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning the various accessories of Craftsman 4 piece barbecue gift set is super easy. I have thrown them in the dishwasher before without issue. Durability The grilling pieces that come with the Craftsman 4 piece barbecue gift set are built with quality. My grilling tools live outside and exposed to the same elements as my grill. I have not noticed any issues with deterioration or rust.




Greag BBQ Tools


I was given the Craftsman 4 pc. Barbecue Gift Set as a birthday gift and I really enjoy using these cooking utensils. The first thing that caught my eye with this set is the handles. I really love the screwdriver handles because they offer excellent grip, durability, and extremely stylish. I have dropped them numerous times on the concrete during cooking and the handles still look pristine. I find the stainless steel of these barbecue tools to be very easy to wash. I am able to wash these tools just by running warm water over them. The best thing about these tools is that they are about 18 inches long. I can easily grill from a safe distance without hovering over a open flame. I have used the brush to apply barbecue sauce and found it did a decent job, but I wish there were more bristles. I would definitely recommend the Craftsman 4 pc. Barbecue Gift Set because it is a unique grilling set that it extremely durable.


Westchester, IL


Hope to get many years of use. Looks like a good sturdy set.


was purchesed to replace other set where the rivets holding the turner broke. This new set is all one piece. No rivets. Looks to be a good sturdy set. Performance Winter time....have not been able to put it to use as yet. Design seems to be a better design. No rivets hold the turner together.


Missouri Valley, IA


Craftsman 4 pc. Barbecue Gift Set

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