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Craftsman 3500 20hp Lawn Tractor

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Great Mowing for the long run


I bought this tractor mower 6 years ago and it still runs as if it was brand new. Cnage oil and filter once a season and use stabilizer in the gas, and put the battery on a maintenance charger and it starts and performs very well. The otional three bag catcher is a great option on this tractor and I have no complaints. Starts up everytime all the time and runs well in high grass or normal grass. It can turn very sharp easily, and with the auto transmission can run very well at all speeds.



very very nice


This is the way to mow your lawn, my father bought one of these baby's a few years ago and it's still in tip-top shape. Being a teenager and knowing how to abuse some equipment and appliances, this is a hardy tractor, comfy too. I'm not too sure about other lawn mowers but the one we used to have was nothing to gawk after, but this one here, it'll keep the neighbor's jealous and your lawn sheered perfectly. Another great thing about this mower is that the price is pretty awesome to say the least, what with it being a little more powerful than most low end cheap bubblin mowers. I believe it has 20 hp 4 stroke engine, and not only that but its a Briggs & Stratton engine, which use standard components so repair shouldn't be too hard to find out there if ever there is a problem with that. So all-n-all this lawn mower is pretty high on the list of tractors to think over as you stand trying to make a decision!

Lakeland, GA


this cuts as smooth as butter


If you have rode on one these babies yet, you are missing out on some fun work.  The Lawn Tractor cuts so smooth and with out any problems as long as you keep the maintenance on it up to bar, which is not very hard either.  If you have a open glass lot like my father and need to buy machine for big a little jobs this is the one.

Pasadena, CA


Craftsman 3500 20hp Lawn Tractor

5.0 3