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Craftsman 28084 Professional Router Kit

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Interchangeable bases & powerful motor make this a budget deal


Purchased the Craftsman 12½-amp variable speed router because of it's powerful motor and that it came with three interchangeable bases.  Though I prefer using the 'D'-handle base, I frequently need make plunge cuts, and this kit includes a plunge base.  In use, the plunge base in not as smooth as my old Dewalt 621, but it does the job.  The motor on this this is great, easily powering through stock alder with a ¾-in core box bit with ½-in collet.  Turning down on the variable speed is a great help here. Comes with blow-plastic case to keep the bases together - convenient. The edge guide is too small (short in length), and will need to fabricate up a longer one for accuracy.  Also it seems to be much more top heavy (compared to Dewalt), so fabricating some larger-diameter clear-plastic bases in the near future.  Note: V-E-R-Y loud 'whistle' when hooking up vac.  Still trying to figure out how to reduce that piercing noise (other than not use vac port). Overall, Porter Cable 690 is a much better fixed base router, and Dewalt 621/625 kits are as powerful and much lighter than this Craftsman router.  However, those choices are roughly 50% higher in price.  So if you are looking strictly at money saving, this Craftsman kit is hard to beat.  However, in the long haul, investing in one of the Dewalt PK kits will cost less over time.  I would recommend the Craftsman to homeowners who enjoys occasional woodworking . . . on a budget.  If heavy into woodworking, save your pennies and get a P.C. SpeedMatic 7518

Wilsonville, OR


Craftsman 28084 Professional Router Kit

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