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Craftsman 263 Piece Mechanic Tool Set

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Good Investment If Needing Wide Variety


These tools are the highest quality, and the warranty included with Craftsman tools cannot be beat. So for any project, the tool in this set that fits will provide quality work and get the job done. For someone who does a great amount of work, whether at home or professionally, this set is a great investment, as it provides a wide variety of tools at a good price (much cheaper than buying them individually). But for someone who only occasionally does their own work and only uses a few tools, he may end up spending a lot of money on this tool set and find that he rarely uses most of the tools. For this person, he would be better off buying the few individual tools that he needs. But for someone who does extensive work, this is definitely the best deal. The tools are high quality and will get the job done. They have never yet let me down, whether working on a professional job or on a home project.




Homeowner Special


What can I say -- if you are a new homeowner you need this tool kit! Does it include everything you need? No but the startign block is there and that is what you are looking for anyway. Not only that but now you can take jobs away from your auto mechani too!. The case leaves a lot to be desired but eventually you will need a tool box anyway as you will fall in love with the finish of Craftsman tools. Nothing comes close when compared to price and quality. Plus a lifetiem guarantee that also protects you against tool misuse which will happen! Your neighbors will be your new best friend and sadly eventually some of your tools will walk away and never return. That happens but they make more high quality tools everyday and they are still affordable pieces of fine craftsmanship. Your handman or woman skills will be the stuff taht legends are made of! Don't think that this is possible? Better go out and buy this set today and see just how great these are!


Schofield, WI


craftsman tool set


i have owned this set of tools for along time. and find to be very useful for every job i have done. i like the labeled tray for each item it the set. easy to find any tool. i find this tool set to have everything i need for small and even some bigger jobs. and i have used almost every tool in this set. i'd be lost without it. and i like the fact i can take it anywhere. craftsman had a great idea with this product. keep up the good work as always. thank you.


Saint Paul, MN


Make your man happy this Christmas with Craftsman tools!


CRAFTSMAN 263 PIECE MECHANIC TOOL SET, made to be the best, that's what my hubby says about craftsman, There is no other tool company i have heard him brag more on than craftsman, it's his choice for tools and his friends's choice as well. I growed up with men always working on a vehicle and they all always used craftsman, just as my hubby does today. A tool company that has been around for years and with unbeatable quality and durability. Every mechanic i have ever been around brags about craftsman. They also guarantee their tools as well. If you need a good tool, then the craftsman section of your local sears store is as far as you need to go. They make all tools with the best quality you could ask for. If it breaks they will replace it, no other tool company stands by their product like craftsman.  If you want to make your man happy this christmas, get him a craftsman tool set, if he likes to tinker on his own vehicles then get him the craftsman mechanic tool set, he'll love you for it. It comes with every thing he made need for repairs to vehicles. The best little tool kit on the market. Craftsman is superior when it comes to tools. According to my man it's the only one when it comes to tools to maintain your vehicles with.  I so far have never had to have craftsman replace any tool because they are of such good quality, but they will replace them, what more can you ask for from a tool company. This mechanic tool set will make that special someone very happy on Christmas morning.


Monticello, KY


craftsman what else would u expect


a great set for the the do it yourselfer or for the full time mechanic at the shop. I bought this set about two months ago and i have been really impressed with all that is there.  i'm sure that some of you guys often wonder "is that set really going to be big enuff for me" . well trust me you will be more than happy . I race circle track on the weekends and i'm definitly always tearing up something. But whis this set i have what i need to fix it right there.   


Buckfield, ME


The Craftsman 263 Tool Set is a Great value!


The **Craftsman 263 Piece Mechanic Tool Set **is a great comprehensive tool set for your vehicle or if this is your only set it is complete and well organized.  I liked this set so much I recommended it to my friends and two now own one as well.  With a tool box included this travels in my RV or goes to a work site so I always have what I need with me.


Valley Springs, CA


All I own are Craftsman tools. I won't use anything else.


I love Craftsman tools.  The quality is just as good, if not better than the more expensive brands you get off of a truck.  Personally, I have never broken a Craftsman tool, but if I ever do, I can rest easy that the company will stand behind their product with a free replacement without hassle.  All of these things make my brand of tool choice very easy.  It's Craftsman or it stays in the store.


Georgetown, KY


The Craftsman 263 piece tool set is A must have for everyone


This is a great product. Every time i go on a trip I take my Craftsman 263 piece tool set just in case. Even when I'm working on my car in the drivway I use it, the tool drawers pulls all the way out and you can use them as trays that your tools snap in. It is very compact and has most everything you will need. I have a bigger set of tools in the garage but this set can sit right next to me while I work. A must have


Christiansburg, VA


The 263 piece machanic tool set is a very complete set.


If you are looking for a good a tool set, this might be the set for you.  It has a wide range of tools that are very well organized with molded drawer that fit most of the wrenchs and sockets.  It has specialty tools that many set do not contain.  It even has allen wrenches star screw drivers,  different drives and shapes of sockets.  The best part is the organization of the tool chest.  It helps you find what you need fast. 


Lubbock, TX


Craftsman 263 Piece Mechanic Tool Set

4.4 9