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Craftsman 26 in. 4-Drawer Heavy-Duty Ball Bearing Rolling Cabinet - Red/Black


26-In. 4-Drawer Red/Black Heavy-Duty Rolling Cabinet Keeps Basics Close at Hand

The Craftsman 26-in. 4-drawer red/black heavy-duty rolling cabinet offers a light, easy-to-move option for keeping your essentials right at hand. Move to different workstations around your shop or bring your automotive basics right to your side for quick, convenient access that will save you time on every job. Four roomy drawers can hold up to 75 pounds each while still gliding smoothly on ball-bearing slides, accommodating the large and unwieldy tools that can be difficult to move by hand.

Heavy-duty casters keep this 26-in. 4-drawer red/black heavy-duty rolling cabinet moving smoothly over even surfaces. They're rated up to 650 pounds, keeping the maximum drawer capacities well within the caster limits. Each drawer extends completely for the maximum utility from every square inch while keeping your tools within easy reach. Use the cabinet as a standalone unit, or add a top chest (sold separately) for additional storage with the same mobile convenience.

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We do love it, but wheels are not very helpful.


My husband and I bought this Craftsman 4 drawer rolling cabinet as an addition to the huge tool cabinet setup he already had in the garage. I really like the colors, not that color scheme usually matters in a garage, but it accents the solid red one he has. It stands up to it's claims of being rust-resistant (so far), and it does hold a humongous amount of tools. This is where the manufacturer's claims of touting these wheels being oh-so-handy and always within reach really grind my gears! Following my tacky pun there, in all seriousness, it claims to withstand about 650 pounds I believe. I'm no physics professor, so I don't know how strong one has to be to actually roll it around with so much weight in it (like my husband has), but I can definitely say that it's irritating that we most likely paid more for the asset of having wheels, and my husband looks anything but 'at ease' pushing it if he needs to. It's heavy! I guess if you are not going to fill it up, or not using it for just tools, the wheel aspect might be great. Other than that gripe, it's a great toolbox. We do love Craftsman in general.



Built to hold even the heavy tools


The thing that makes this tool box such a great storage unit for tools is the heavy duty construction of the box itself. It doesn't bend with the weight of the tools however that very thing sure makes it such a great tool box is also quite a challenge. The weight of the tool box with the tools in it makes it difficult to move around. The wheels are great but if you are not working close to the tool box or in a different location than you need a second tool box to put the tools in and then the challenge to have the right tool with you. I like to work around the house and this tool box has certainly helped to organize me and is a great help. I think it replaced four other smaller tool boxes and it sure makes it a lot easier to find things when they are in one area. The drawers slide in and out easily and I am surprised how much it holds. I don't think it is big enough for the professional however for us DIY people it's great.

Peoria, AZ


Great Product.


We really like this tool organizer. It holds many of my dad's tools. I really like that it has drawers in different sizes. It is nice to have small drawers for small things and larger drawers for larger things. The drawers slide easily in and out for easy access. If things are really heavy then the drawers are harder to slide. There is also a lock on the front of this unit that is nice because it makes it more secure. You don't have to worry about having your tools too low and what little hands might do with them. The product design is also nice. I like that is has castors so it is easy to move around if needed. Another nice feature is that the handle extends along the whole drawer making it easier to grab if you are holding a heavy tool you need to place inside. One thing I wish was that there was a way to label what was in each drawer so that I didn't have to search through all of them to find the tool I am looking for.



Handy and very well bulit.


I love this tool storage tool box. It's so easy to roll around and hold lots of tools. It's very well build. I feel it money very well spent. It can also have a small box put on the top of it. I like the great roller on it, it moves around very easy. It also looks nice in the garage.

Bloomfield, IA


Craftsman 26 in. 4-Drawer Heavy-Duty Ball Bearing Rolling Cabinet - Red/Black

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