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Craftsman 26 in. 3-Drawer Heavy-Duty Ball Bearing Middle Chest - Red/Black


Craftsman Middle Tool Chest Gives You the Space You Need

The Craftsman 26 in. 3-drawer heavy-duty red/black middle chest is the perfect place for those odds and ends currently scattered around the garage in cans or for those power tools you want to grab quickly. With 1,830 square inches of storage space and drawers load rated for 75 pounds each, this chest is a great way to build up instead of out. Put it on top of a workbench and save yourself some bending, or add it to a Craftsman 26 inch rolling cart to create a complete system.

The Craftsman middle tool chest is made of all steel, with drawers that slide smoothly on the DynaGlide system. There's a keyed lock, both for security and to keep the drawers from falling open if you need to move the chest.

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Sturdy and Easy to Use


My husband is our family's handy-man and he has collected so many tools over the years. His tools used to be in a drawer in the garage and I'm an organization freak so I got him this Craftsman 3-drawer chest. Bottom line: WE LOVE IT! Pros: It's sturdy, the drawers don't fall down when you pull them open, it's protective and made with good construction. Cons: It's heavy! At least for a woman, it's heavy, especially with all the tools inside. But that's what makes it sturdy. Also, you can only open one drawer at a time. It's probably for safety reasons but sometimes when you can't find something, you want to open all the drawers. Overall, we both love the space of this chest, the sturdiness and how it keeps everything organized. It's easy to move. When my husband works on a project, he doesn't have to pick his tools one by one from the garage. He can bring his chest with him and have everything there with him.

Irvine, CA

Tools at the ready!


My husband and I purchased three Craftsman storage chests, and this unit was one of them. It sits on top of our larger wheeled chest, and another 6 drawer chest sits on top of it. It measures 26 inches wide and is made of a very thick and sturdy steel. It is a foot in depth and is just over a foot in height. My manual states it provides 1,830 square inches of storage, and each drawer can hold up to 75 pounds of weight! The drawers are shallow, measuring just 2 to 3 inches, so while there are many tools that cannot hold, they are perfect for small items. Our middle chest holds staple gun staples, containers of nails and screws, tape measures, zip-ties, levels, etc. There is a locking feature on the top of the unit, but we never lock ours as it is in our private garage. If I had this in a shared workshop I would indeed lock up my tools, so this is a nice feature. Although I don't like the red color, at least the drawers themselves are black, and the handles are silver and have a nice deep ridge for pulling them open and closed. The drawers glide in and out with ease. Because we didn't want the bottoms of the drawers to get all scratched up from the metal tools, I purchased a roll of that foam shelving liner, which works like a charm. Prior to having this tool chest, it used to take me forever to find a specific tool. Now everything is perfectly organized and I can find what I want quickly and easily. I still plan on labeling each drawer to make finding items even easier. My husband and I are both very pleased with the quality and performance of this chest. The edges are a bit sharp, as it is made of steel, but I am not sure how this could be corrected. Most metal tool chests have the same issue.

Eagle River, AK


Perfect for me and my husband


For Christmas i wanted to get my husband something to put his tools in. I was recommended craftsman chest draws. The one that stood out to me was the 3-drawer. The reason for this is because not only was it cheaper then the others it was smaller to. We don't have to much space in our apartment so this was perfect size and fit perfectly in a corner. I haven't used it much but ive notice that it is pretty sturdy. One of the negative things about the product is its color. i notice that red dosent match with any of my household colors because of this it dose kind of stick out. Though If you were going to get this i would recommenced it if you don't mind the color. My husband and i really love it. Its also perfect because if i find one of my husbands tools laying around I know where exactly to put it. My husband also really loves it because he can lock it. He says that comes in handy since we have kids.



Craftsman 26 in. 3-Drawer Heavy-Duty Ball Bearing Middle Chest - Red/Black

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