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Craftsman 24hp 48" Deck Yard Tractor

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Very good lawn care Craftsman tractor.


I have roughly 1.5 acres that I mow with this machine and a lot of the ground is rough with tree roots and a lot of flower beds to mow around.  I clean up the deck and change the oil and spark plug along with the air filter every fall when I put it away.  I also grease all moving parts and I have had very litlle problem with this peice of equipment.


Madison, OH


The Craftsman 24hp riding mower is reliable and worry free.


The Craftsman 24HP 48 inch deck riding mower is the best mowwer I have ever owned. Is is easy to start with its keyed ignition. The riding mower is comfortable to use and easily maintained. The 48 inch deck allows for incredible manuverability, even in the smallest of yards. This Craftman riding mowers 24HP engine gives it plenty of power for both cutting and speed. The headlights of this mower offer the ability to finish the job even if it begins to get dark. The Craftsman 48 mowing deck 24HP riding mower also comes with a detachable solid plastic grass catcher, which allows for convienient and rapid disposal of yard waste. It even has the ability to have a bag already inserted in thecatcher to avoid messy transfers.        The overall rating of this Craftsman 48 inch deck 24HP riding mower is outstanding.This riding mower is nearly maintenace free and highly dependable. It comes with a two year limited warranty that can not be beat. This Craftsman 48 inch deck 24HP riding mower lives up to the Craftsman name as being long lasting and dependable.


Fort Pierce, FL


Craftsman 24hp 48" Deck Yard Tractor

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