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Craftsman 24HP 54" Complete Start™ Turn Tight® Garden Tractor - Non CA


Craftsman 24 HP 54 in. Complete Start™ Garden Tractor Lets You Get Everything Done with One Vehicle

The Craftsman 54 in. Complete Start™ Turn Tight® garden tractor has everything you need to cut your lawn comfortably. You get a deck with a 54 in. cutting path and a vehicle with a 6 in. turn radius. This means a faster and more efficient cut. The design also has a fitting for attaching a hose to the deck so you can clean your tractor to keep all of your components running smoothly.

Compatibility and the Craftsman 24 HP 54 in. Complete Start™ Garden Tractor go hand-in-hand. Attachments that will work with this vehicle include tiller, bagger, aerator, snow plow and snow thrower. You will be able to use your tractor during every season. The 24 HP motor gives you all the power you need to get over hills. The hydrostatic transmission makes hilly terrain even easier on you and your machine.

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Easy to use.


When we aquired a new property a couple weeks ago, it came with more land than several of our other properties. This meant I was in the market for a new lawnmower/tractor. I automatically knew that I wanted Craftsman, I have several other products made by them, and generally speaking they are my go to lawn product company. I looked at several different models before deciding on the Craftsman 24HP 54" Complete Starts, Turn Tight Tractor. I wanted something with a decent amount of horse power, that wasn't too much for me to handle by myself. I got that and so much more with this purchase. It's a powerful tractor, but something I feel comfortable handling by myself. One of my favorite things about riding/using this tractor- is that even thought its built to get the job done and be a effective piece of machine, it is also very comfortable. Which makes me a little more eager to cut the grass and do the yardwork. The seat is padded, and the handles/steering almost conforms to your hands when using. Another important factor to me, is the ability to clean it after using it. I generally use it for 2-3 hours at a time, and I'm someone who has to clean yard gear after using it. I can't stand putting something away dirty. This is really easy to clean-and clean it safely. Which can sometimes be trouble. I am very glad that I purchased this Craftsman tractor, and I would for sure reccommend it for someone who is looking to buy a tractor for large lawns or landscaping.



the perfect choice for perfect move


Lawn Tractor is the best thing ive ever used.since i bought it i stopped using my car when the weather is perfect.everything about it is perfect: the speed,comftable, and easy to use.everybody should own it

morocco ;fes


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I love this ride the tractor and walk around in my garden in good flexibility and even at night by illuminations cruise


great tractor


I love this tractor, it cuts great.The turning is tight so i can cut oval lawns easy.The best part is that it is esy on the grass, it wont rip up your lawn if stop and go. It has plenty of power for thick grass and a hilly yard. I quess i just wish they made it in 4 wheel drive! LOL! buy it you will love it.. HAPPY lawn pro!

Mill Valley, CA


Craftsman 24HP 54" Complete Start™ Turn Tight® Garden Tractor - Non CA

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