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Miter Saws
Craftsman 21180  7 1/4 inch Miter Saw with Laser Trac

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Quality saw


This power saw provides great quality for any do-it-yourself home project. Personally, I would be hesitant to use it on a professional job where it would be used all-day every day, but for home use, it is great. The laser trac helps keep a straight cut, even when not using a straight-edge guide. The guards provide safety and piece of mind, although one still needs to exercise care when using any power tools. But these particular guards are protective while not being intrusive on the work. Adjustments for various angle cuts also provide a wide variety of options for possible cuts and different types of projects. Adjustable depth also helps ensure that one is not cutting too deeply when simply trying to make a shallow cut. Replacement blades are also typically easy to find. All around, this is a high quality saw, and provides a good value for the price that is paid.



Nice handyman saw for the money.


The laser marker is difficult to use because you must learn to make your cut 2.5 mm (approximate) from the side of the uneven (wider at the back) laser line. For precision work, better to mark your work first, and use the old stand-by of lowering the "motionless" blade to the proper cut location, and then camp, or hold, you work in place. Because the hold-down tends to slip, drill & tap, 8-32, the back of the 2 hold-down rod opening (one of the each side) castings on the fence, and insert a thumb screw to lock the hold-down rod in place. Drill about one-half+ inch from top of fence.

Coshocton, OH


Portable and easy to use, great for the woodworking hobbyist.


This saw, though big enough for the at-home hobbyist, is too small for any major miter jobs. Contractors and home-builders should look in the 10-inch range. However, it is the perfect saw for the amateur woodworker and home repair enthusiast. I have used it to install moulding throughout my house, cut 2x4's for my garage remodeling, and build several wood furniture pieces. The cuts are quick and accurate. The Laser-trac system is good once you get to know it. At first, you have to check to see which side of the red laser-line the cut is going to be made on. Once you figure it out, it comes in handy. The only drawbacks I found were the rubber hold-downs and the dust collection system. You can attach the dust collection bag if you like, but you typically end up with sawdust flying through the air regardless. And the rubber piece they give you to hold the wood in place while it is being cut, does not always give a nice, firm hold, so be wary. Other than that, this saw is very powerful, very light and portable so it can be taken from room to room for any project. Or it cab be anchored to a table in your own woodworking shop. Either way, for the price, it's a great buy.

Ashtabula, OH


Craftsman 21180 7 1/4 inch Miter Saw with Laser Trac

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