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Craftsman 19HP Briggs & Stratton Gold Plus Series (TM) Engine 46" Riding Mower - Non CA


Professional Lawn Care with Craftsman 46" Auto Transmission Riding Mower

Having a great looking lawn doesn't mean not having the time to enjoy warm weather when you use the Craftsman 19 HP Briggs & Stratton 46 in. riding mower. Constructed with 13-gauge steel your mower features twin blades with five custom positions so your lawn looks exactly how you want it to. The Briggs & Stratton™ Gold PLUS 19 HP engine has the power to tackle rough terrain and the tires are designed to keep traction while protecting the sod.

Your lawn will look like you have hired a team of professionals when you use the Craftsman 46" auto transmission riding mower. The mower makes taking care of your lawn as easy as driving a car. The 13" high back seat slides into a comfortable position making mowing the lawn a pleasure. The Craftsman mower even has a cup holder so sit back and relax your way to the best lawn on the block!

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I was skeptic at first but we love our lawn mower and wouldn't trade it for anything!

Sweet Home, OR




І јust рurсhаsеd thіs а fеw dауs аgо аnd rеаllу еnјоуеd usіng mу dаd's 17.5, 6 sрееd mаnuаl Роulаn Рrо thаt іs а fеw уеаrs оld. І thоught surеlу thіs nеw Сrаftsmаn 19 hр, аutо trаnsmіssіоn wоuld bе аs fаst оr fаstеr whіlе gоіng fоrwаrd. Νоре. Тhе mаnuаl trаnsmіssіоn іs аblе tо drіvе fаst whіlе thе thrоttlе fоr thе blаdеs аrе аrе оnlу mіdwау. Оn thіs mоwеr, уоu hаvе tо hаvе thе thrоttlе іn thе RАВВІТ роsіtіоn tо gо fаst ВUТ thіs аlsо mаkеs thе blаdеs run оn full blаst tоо. Whеn І gо оvеr dіrt, І hаvе tо dіsеngаgе thе blаdеs whіlе stауіng аt full thrоttlе tо gо fаst but nоt сrеаtіng а tоrnаdо аrоund mе! Іt dоеs сut nісе аnd І dоn't lіkе thаt thеrе іs nо оn/оff hеаdlіght swіtсh. Воttоm lіnе, І wаnt tо ассеlеrаtе fаst wіthоut hаvіng thе blаdеs іn thе rаbbіt роsіtіоn еіthеr. І wаs аblе tо gо fаst аnd hаvе thе blаdеs іn bеtwееn thе turtlе аnd rаbbіt wіth thе Роulаn Рrо vs thіs nеw оnе thаt іn оrdеr tо gо fаst аnd mоw аt thе sаmе tіmе...еvеrуthіng hаs tо bе full blаst. Νоt сооl.



Craftsman 19HP Briggs & Stratton Gold Plus Series (TM) Engine 46" Riding Mower - Non CA

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