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Craftsman 19'' Premium Electric Lawn Mower

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Powerful Mower!


I purchased this mower a little over a year ago and have gotten a lot of good use from it. I've let others borrow it and no one has complained. This is a powerful mower that cuts the toughest grass/weeds and it very precise. Performance Works great! Glides across the lawn and it's as heavy as other mowers. Gives my lawn a nice low cut so that I don't have to cut it more than once every other week. Handling Handles good too. I can make sharp turns to get into corners and tighter areas of my lawn easily. Durability So far no complaints! I've had my Craftsman Premium mower for a little over a year now, and it is hands down the best mower I have ever owned. As I mentioned before, I have loaned it out to others and the mower has withstood all types of grass and weeds. Safety As long as you use general lawn mower safety precautions (i.e. not putting your hand near the blade while the mower is on) you should be fine. Again, no complaints here. Ease of Use I'm not a very handy person by nature. However, I was able to figure out how to use the mower without any issues. Engine Power Very powerful engine! Really gets the job done. My lawn was difficult to manage when I first moved to my house. I truly believe this Craftsman mower and a little hard work turned my lawn around! Definitely a lawn mower I would recommend.



Easy to use


*We bought this as a more easier mower to use.You have th charge it for 8 hrs when you first buy it. Once you have done that you are ready to go. To start it, its easy...put the key in, pushthe buttonand pull the bar up. It is nice and quiet. This mower is a little more heavier to push compared to your regular gas powered mower. It cuts extremely nice and has different settings for desired length of your lawn. The bagger is rather small and i tend to get frustrated with that, but it is easy to remove and put on. The battery wears out kind of quick for the size of my yard. I mow the front yard first and charge it for two hours and then mow the back yard. This is my favorite mower that we have had as of yet*

Saint Paul, MN




I use to have a gas mower and always had a hard time starting it. I decided to try an electric mower and it was the best decision I ever made. No more running to gas stations for gas or asking a neighbor to help me start it or to give it a tune up. It does a great job on cutting the grass and it also mulches, if you prefer this. Besides these great features there is no pollution to the environment., and it is less costly to operate.

San Jose, CA


Craftsman 19" Electric Lawn Mower... Adequate for light duty.


The Craftsman 37016 electric lawn mower has a 19" cutting area with a 3-n-1 deck, meaning it can mulch, side-discharge or bag the clippings. It is 12 amps and one of the cheaper electric models offered by Sears. I purchased this mower when my town offered a voucher to purchase an electric mower. Assembly was easy and all that was needed was a properly gauged extension cord. I will admit that when I first began using this mower it was a huge pain. The cord was always in the way... I quickly decided I needed a plan. By starting the cut closest to the house and working in rows away from the house I am able to keep the cord in the already cut area and away from the blade. This is not always the most intuitive process, for one section of my lawn that I always cut lengthwise I was forced to now cut perpendicular to the house in awkward short rows... but the cord is no longer a hassle. Trees and other obstacles are still an issue, but after a few times cutting it became second nature keep the cord out of the way. There have been a few incidents of the cord ending up in the pool, and one cord was destroyed when it slipped beneath the mower. If I had the money I would have gone cordless... but this is fine for my small lawn. As for the power of the 12 amp motor... it is adequate for a well kept lawn. If you have decided to tackle the back 40 that has been neglected since Bonanza was cancelled... you are probably asking for too much. In thick grass longer than a couple inches I have to move the deck up to a higher cut and bag the clippings. I also keep the mower cutting 50% of a row at most. After that, I move the deck down to the desired level for a final mulching cut. If you cut weekly or have a slow growing lawn this may not be a problem. Oh, and go slow. If you rush through the cut it will be patchy and grass clipping will be left all over the lawn. Going slow ensures a nice even clean cut and no messy clippings that will turn brown in a day or two. As a side note: I did return my first one because it stopped working. There was some suspicion that it may be a problem with the built in breaker. The replacement mower has gone 2 years without any issues.

Garland, TX


Craftsman 19'' Premium Electric Lawn Mower

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