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Craftsman 182 pc. Mechanics Tool Set with 3-Drawer Chest


182-Piece Mechanics' Tool Set with Three-Drawer Chest: Everything in One Box

The Craftsman name has been associated with excellence in hand tools for decades, and this Craftsman 182-piece mechanics' tool set with three-drawer chest stays true to that reputation. Whether you just started building your tool collection or are tired of constantly searching for the right tool, you won't find a better way to get all the Craftsman basics. This set features sockets, drivers, combination wrenches, hex keys and more in a wide range of sizes, in both SAE and metric measurements.

The most convenient component of this 182-piece mechanics' tool set with 3-drawer chest is the custom-built toolbox. It features heavy-duty construction, high-quality drawers and a hinged top with storage area. Every piece of the set has a specific place it belongs, saving you time when you no longer have to search for tools. Chrome-plated alloy steel tools are built to last a lifetime so this is the last set of basic tools you'll ever need.

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Nice Product!


I really like this set of Craftsman tools. I cannot say that I am a master mechanic or even necessarily that handy, but I can see this being used many times in the future. There is a large variety of sizes inside. I would say, though, that I thought that there would be more actual screw drivers, hammers inside than there are. In fact, there are no hammers. But, given what it is, I suppose I might be one of the few who expected that. There are, of course, bits and a screw driver handle which is as good as (better than) a few screw drivers. But, let's be honest, it is more work sometimes. I like that I feel prepared when using this in that I have not run into a missing, needed size yet. I also love the storage container. It is very sturdy and easy to use. The handle seems like it will support the weight of the unit for the long haul. It all slides back together and hinges up very nicely. I also like that the unit itself is decently compact. It is no small thing, but it does tuck easily onto a standard size utility shelf. If I were mechanically inclined, I would like the product even more, I suspect. The tools themselves are solid, quality tools.



Craftsman 182 pc. Mechanics Tool Set with 3-Drawer Chest

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