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Craftsman 17586 NEXTEC 12.0V Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver


Improve and Enhance Your Work Performance and Productivity With the 12.0v Drill/Driver from Craftsman

The Craftsman 17586 NEXTEC Drill/Driver offers 195 in.-lbs. of torque with a dual speed of 0-1300 Hi and 0-400 Lo. With its powerful torque and dual speed feature, you can use this drill/driver for different applications ranging from driving screws into wood, plastic and metal to drilling. A 2-speed gearbox means that you can adjust the speed for drilling and driving operations.

This 12.0V Drill/Driver is equipped with an 18 position adjustable torque clutch so you can fine tune the settings for driving small screws as well as larger, heavier screws. It gives you more control while working and the motor lasts longer with a correctly adjusted clutch. One of the main advantages of the drill/driver is the 12 Volt lithium ion battery. This battery is lightweight, works well in cold conditions, has a long lifespan and charges in just 30 minutes. Powerful and user-friendly, this is an essential tool for your home or workshop.

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Great Inexpensive Drill that Performs


This is a great drill for the money. We bought this drill at sears and it was on sale when we bought it. It was about 35.00 on sale and I think it is regularly about 50.00. The Craftsman 17586 NEXTEC Drill/Driver has alot of torque and a high and low speed. We use this drill for everything from small household repairs, hanging pictures, and some major repairs as well. You can adjust the speed of the drill depending on the job that you are doing. The drill charges very quickly as well in less than 30 minutes which is much faster than our old drill that took quite a while. Because it has the lithium battery, not only does it charge much faster, the battery lasts much longer as well. The Craftsman 17582 NETEX Drill Driver is a great tool for the garage and inside your home. No matter what job you are doing the most any screw adapts easily to the drill and drills right in with no problem. I reccommend this drill for any homeowner as a must have in your tool arsenal.

New Egypt, NJ


This is a Great Purchase!


I purchased this drill when I was getting ready to remodel my kitchen. I like the different speeds this driver has. I was removing the kitchen cabinets and wanted to do it fast but carefully as to not make the holes from the screws larger. I used the lower speed to set and to remove the screws. It worked perfect. The drill is so powerful and accurate. It made new holes through the cabinets so clean and easy to add knobs to the cabinets. This drill is so powerful. In another project I had to drill to make holes through the stucco exterior of my home. No problem at all. So much better than my old drill. I had to put so much of my old strength into it with the old drill, not with this one! It keeps it's charge a long time also and only takes about a half hour to fully charge! This drill and driver is equipped with an 18 position adjustable torque clutch so you can tune the settings for driving small screws as well as larger, heavier screws. This feature helped me tremendously when I purchased a TV and wanted to mount it on the wall. This drill has since helped me so much around the house with so many different projects. I am so happy I purchased this drill.

Palm Springs, CA


Craftsman 17586 NEXTEC 12.0V Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver

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