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Craftsman 17-Piece Mach Series T-Handle Driver and Bit Set


The perfect tool when you need to fasten or loosen long fasteners in hard to reach places, and do it quickly.  This fastening tool has a sliding Aluminum collar with knurled handle.  The handle has dipped rubber coating for added comfort.  Bits can attach to the long shaft of the handle for added torque.

The Mach T-Handle driver turns fasteners quickly and continuouisly with the free spinning collar.    The strong square drive allows 3x more torque.  The knurled collar can be locked into 3 different positions for maximum control.  Craftsman unlimited warranty ensures durability and the ultimate in quality.  Bits are not covered by the Craftsman warranty.

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Better than a Screwdriver


I bought this at my local hardware store when I saw it on sale at a great price. It's a great tool for getting into hard to reach places. Also, since you can use both hands when using this there is added power behind each turn. I've used it on a variety of projects around the house and was surprised at just what you can unscrew with this Craftsman T-Handle set. I used it on some screws that had been painted over and was able to unscrew them with very little effort. Before I had bought this item, I used an electric drill on some painted screws, which left the tops stripped. After doing so, I had to get a hammer to get the screw out. This can be almost as much power as electric drill, while allowing you to use more control so you don't end up with a stripped unmovable screw. The handle is very comfortable as it's padded, which is helpful when using the tool. Included with this driver are fifteen different size bits, just about every size imaginable that will be needed. It's a great Craftsman product and is very useful to get in tight areas that a regular screwdriver or drill can't reach.



Great T-Handle Driver!


I was replacing an old humidifier and couldn't reach the fasteners without cutting my knuckles so I decided on acquiring the Craftsman 17-Piece Mach Series T-Handle Driver Set. I was extremely impressed with the T-Handle Driver upon my first use. From a design standpoint I find that lengthwise the t-handle bar is on the small side even for my average size hands, but the rough texture allows me to grip and rotate the handle with ease. I really enjoy the fast action twirl of the handle with minimum pressure. The only problem I have encountered with this device is that the slotted bit slips out of place very easily when loosening or fastening a screw. The rest of the bits in the set have good craftsmanship and I rarely have any slippage with them. I would definitely recommend the Craftsman 17-Piece Mach Series T-Handle Driver Set because it can help with reaching tight spots, which saves the hands from abrasions.

Westchester, IL


Craftsman 17-Piece Mach Series T-Handle Driver and Bit Set

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