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Craftsman 15" 5.5 Amp Line Trimmer


Craftsman 15 in. Line Trimmer Gets the Job Done with Power

The Craftsman 15 in. 5.5 amp line trimmer is powerful yet easy to use. Once you've added it to your lawn care arsenal, you won't look back. This power tool is electric, so you don't have to mess with gas or batteries; just plug in the cord and start whacking those weeds. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can clean up your lawn or garden when you have 5.5 amps of power, an 8000 rpm rotation and a dual .065 in. cutting line and 15 in. cutting path.

This Craftsman 15 in. line trimmer has been designed for hours of easy, comfortable use. Fit the trimmer to your height with an adjustable handle and telescoping shaft. You'll enjoy the ease of the trimmer's 180-degree rotation and three-position pivoting head that simplify your tasks, such as edging sidewalks and clearing garden beds. Plus, thanks to the trimmer's automatic feed head, you won't have to deal with the hassle of bumping the head to advance the line.

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Great beginner trimmer


I recently started living on my own and have had to accumulate new toys to accommodate said living. So one of these new toys was a Craftsman 15" 5.5 amp trimmer. Ok, being female I do not have the best forearm strength. You wouldn't think that a 6 lb tool seems heavy but after working with it for some time it starts to weigh you down. When I was finished trimming my arms hurt! So that being said the functionality of the trimmer was average. It is a bit cumbersome and getting used to the 'tail' of the cord and trying very hard not to cut it (which I accidentally did, TWICE :/)It cuts well and with the automatic line feeder I do not have to worry about bumping it on the ground to re-feed it at all. I am not much of a fan of the trigger start, you have to push a button over and pull the trigger at the same time and that can get a bit tricky....but otherwise said it works and gets the job done and I am happy for that.


Round Lake, IL


Craftsman 15" 5.5 Amp Line Trimmer

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