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Craftsman 14-Piece Inch and Metric Combination Wrench Set


Craftsman Ratcheting Combo Wrenches Create Easy To Use Power

It's a given that work goes faster when you have the right tool, but with the Craftsman 14-pc reverse ratcheting combination wrench set you get not only a range of right tools, but smartly designed tools as well. The box ends are built with 12 contact points for better grip, while the 72-tooth ratcheting mechanism needs only five degrees of swing, making it fantastic when you're in a tight spot. The 12 degrees offset on the box end lets you work without banging up your hands.

The Craftsman ratcheting combo wrenches are made of alloyed steel tough enough to give you the torque you need for years to come. The balanced, ergonomic design keeps the wrenches comfortable in your hand for as long as you're working.

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Good and Practical


I have used the Craftsman's Combination Wrenches for some time now. On top of the metric combination, they also have a standard combination that is sold separably. The set itself contains all the typical metric sizes you would need for most projects. The material they are made of are of high quality which is what you would expect from Craftsman. Also these tools come with the lifetime warranty which is also pretty standard for Craftsman (lifetime meaning if it breaks they replace if for free). What sets these wrench apart is the ratcheting system found on the opposite end of the wrench. This allows the user to tighten down parts with out having to constantly readjust the wrench. This is so handy when working in tight areas that are hard to see (i.e. car engines). The only draw back I can find is that the ratcheting end can be a little bulky at times and may be hard to get into a tight space. This has only happened once for me, so I do not consider it a big deal. Overall this is a fantastic set for the professional or homeowner.



Craftsman 14-Piece Inch and Metric Combination Wrench Set

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