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Craftsman 14.4 Volt Cordless Drill with LED Light

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A handyman's dream come true


This is the drill for home do-it-yourselfers. The keyless chuck and easy-to-use power settings make this drill so simple my five-year-old could handle it. The extra battery is nice if you can balance the use of the drill with the recharge time of the battery. I am an avid home DIY'er and have not found a project yet that this drill could not handle. However, I have been on the construction job-site as well and do not think that this drill should be the contractor's choice. It is fairly bulky, but the 14.4 Volt power that you get from it should make up for the extra weight while using it. The LED light feature is perfect for working in those dark areas like under sinks and in closets. The price of this drill makes it very cost-effective and a necessity for any handyman.


Ashtabula, OH


craftsman14.4volt drill is handy for small home repairs


i have found that most all craftman tools are very good quality They last for years and most of the tools have alifetime guarentee on them.I especially like using tha14.4 volt drill that i recently purchased I have found it very handy around the house.


Tallassee, AL


very lite and power full


lite, fits hand,versatal,small powerfull hand drill. battery last long , does not take long to charge up. the drill is small and compact  the battery is small and compact not haevy or bulky like the 19volt drill.  scale 1to5 it would be a 5


Mckeesport, PA


the craftsman cordless are worth the buck !


The recent purchase of a 14.4 cordless drill-driver (craftsman) will be a needed relief on the tools I lend to my son-in-laws.I wanted something dependable,and yet affordable if it was damaged,heaven forbid.I have a wide variety of cordless tools,and one of my favs is a craftsman. I am a tradesman by profession,Ironworker to be exact,but do all my own projects from roof to cellar.But ,the right tool is without a doubt a neccessity to make the project go as planned,the proper use of is also a help.Do not be afraid to ask for help.I have a saying that my family know me by,"no shame in my game". Also,when borrowing a tool,treat it as if it were your own,with respect!remember,you break it, you bought it !  Kelly,


Janesville, WI


Craftsman 14.4 Volt Cordless Drill with LED Light

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