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Craftsman 12A Variable Speed Leaf Blower/Vac


Keep Your Yard Spick-and-Span with This Variable Speed Handheld Electric Blower

With this Craftsman Variable Speed Handheld Electric Blower, you can effectively and efficiently tidy up your yard. It has a 240-mile per hour maximum air speed to help you take care of heavy-duty chores, and you can conveniently change the speed as per your requirement. To target those hard-to-read areas and optimize the rate of air flow, you can attach the blower nozzle that comes along with this equipment. This electric blower also doubles up as a vacuum cleaner. With this piece of equipment, your cleaning and clearing needs are taken care of.

Featuring an attractive red and black color combination, the Variable Speed Handheld Electric Blower looks great too. Lightweight and useful, this blower is a must-have for all home owners with a yard.

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Nice Blower/Vacuum


I received the Craftsman 12A Variable Speed Leaf Blower/Vac as a gift from my mother. It isn't something I would have thought to buy for myself, but I have to admit that I definitely appreciate having it around and have found a lot of great use for it. Leaves don't really bother me since I don't get that many in my yard; however my mother has 19 trees in her back yard alone, so I'm sure part of the reason I got this gift was to help her out as well. The reason I like this handy tool so much though is that it doubles as a vacuum so I can suck up small pieces of litter that have blown into my yard rather than just blowing them around elsewhere. It obviously won't pick up larger trash, but I can do that myself. The blower itself works well. It creates a large amount of wind, but nothing extreme. I'd say it's probably mediocre compared to some of the other ones I've seen, but this is the only one I've actually owned.



Craftsman 12A Variable Speed Leaf Blower/Vac

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