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Craftsman 12 pc. Nutdriver Set in Zippered Case


Never Sweat the Small Stuff with this Craftsman 12-Pc. Nutdriver Set

This Craftsman 12-pc. nutdriver set in zippered case proves that bigger isn't always better - particularly when you need to get at a fastener in a tight spot. That's where these nutdrivers come in handy. With a 2.9-in. plastic shaft, they can slip into nooks and crannies where a socket wrench won't go, removing the fastener with ease and minimal frustration. They're fantastic for working on fasteners on electronics or small appliances that don't need a ton of torque to remove.

The Craftsman 12-pc. nutdriver set is as organized and efficient as it is handy. Each driver is color-coded with it size stamped on the end for immediate identification. Everything fits in a compact soft-sided case made with elastic loops that keep all the tools in place. The drivers are in a dozen of the most common sizes, both in. and millimeter. The standard ones range from 1/4 to 1/2, while the metrics go from 6 to 11 mm.

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Nut Driver Sets are Magical


Being able to use a nut driver set makes my life so much better. Over the summer I did a tiling project and ended up tiling under my dishwasher. The nut driver really came in handy. I might have been able to use a wrench but using the nut driver was super fast and easy. I didn't have to bang up my hands trying to turn a wrench in a tight spot. I was able to turn the nut driver clockwise and do the job in a few seconds. I also love that this set came with a sleeve that zips up for easy carry and storage. Each nut driver has a space and is held in place by an elastic. Then it zips up to keep everything inside so that they are easy to find the next time I need them. I also like that the nut drivers are color coded so that I don't have to look to hard to find the right one and once I know what color I need I can find it easily. This set has also lasted a long time and I haven't had any problems. Great Set!



Craftsman 12 pc. Nutdriver Set in Zippered Case

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