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Craftsman 10A 4X24 BELT SANDER


10A 4X24 BELT SANDER is ideal for aggressive sanding applications.It comes standard with a dust bag to help provide a cleaner work environment.Its variable speed runs from 800-1,600 SFPMs to help you better control your accuracy and allows you to sand many types of materials.This sander is great for removing lots of material, evening up door edges, preparing floors and much more.This tool has an aluminum belt-drive casing for maximum durablilty.The Vibra Shield grip design allows for much more comfort during any sanding project.There is an integrated vacuum adaptor on the tool for quick and easy vacuuming after your project is complete.

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Powerful sander!


I purchased the Craftsman 10A 4x24 Belt Sander to remove the finish off my wood floors and found another use for it. This sander has a decent amount of weight that makes it feel like a machine that will last a long time. I was really blown away by the power of this sander when I was sanding my living room floor. The finish came off with very few passes and it left my floor extremely smooth. I also used this sander to even out and smooth my garage door that had a small crack. Because of the power of this sander for all of my projects I have been able to use the same sand grit (60 and 120 grit) papers multiple times. My only issue with this sander is that the cord is only 8 feet and I encountered several stoppages due to the cord coming out of the wall socket. I was able to fix this issue with an extension cord, but I wish I didn't need to add it. Also, I find that dust bag fills up very quickly, but removing and dumping debris is fairly simple. I would definitely recommend the Craftsman 10A 4x24 Belt for simple home projects.

Westchester, IL


Craftsman 10A 4X24 BELT SANDER

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