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Craftsman 100 Foot Garden Hose

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Garden hose for indoors


We bought this hose recently to fill up our hot tubthat is in a 3 season room. It was the perfect length to run from the laundry room faucet to the hot tub. We used hot water from the faucet and were happy that the water did not seem to cool down too much. We did not have any problems with kinks and it rolled up pretty easily to be put away for another few months. I would buy it again, but hopefully I won't have to as we will only use it indoors 3 times a year.




Love it...until I got a coil hose


This hose is awesome. Its the best out there. Plus Craftsman's lifetime warranty cant be beat. It does not kink and rolls up easily. It is a heavy duty garden hose. I only have the 50 foot one. I bought a portable hose reel and a stationary hose reel for it. However my wife wanted a coil hose so I did my research and bought the best coil hose out there. Luckily it was on sale. I love it because you dont have to mess with winding it up. It is clean and neat in appearance; I think its even more functional for general home use. Water pressure is not affected either. So do your research and get the one that has the best feel for you.


Woodland, CA


Good investment


I love this hose. I bought this hose in the summer of 09 and left it outside all winter, I do not recomend doing this, but here it is summer and I have already been puting this baby to work again. With other hoses I have used it would have been split from the winter ice, Also I always used to worry if I shut the main valve off because I was afraid if I went somewhere when I got back I would have a flood because they couldn't take the water pressure. Now when I leave the house no worries this hose is strong and can even be run over by cars no problems here.It is stiff I don't have a hose roller and do this by hand it is heavy and has to be twisted to coil the right way. I will deal with this I need it to last. highly recommend.


Fairchance, PA


Craftsman 100 Foot Garden Hose

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