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Craftsman 10 Gallon 135PSI oil-lube portable air compressor


10-Gallon 135PSI oil-lube portable air compressor

Keep everything around your home aired up with the Craftsman 10-gallon oil-lube portable air compressor. This easy-to-move compressor runs off of a 1.0 horsepower motor, helping it fill to capacity quickly for all your home needs. INDUSTRY LEADING 135PSI provides plenty of power to complete your inflation, carpentry and light auto repair projects.  Vertical design and heavy-duty rubber wheels and a rubber-padded pull handle lets you move the compressor easily and stores nicely in the corner of your workplace.

An oil-lubricated direct drive pump keeps this 10-gallon oil-lube portable air compressor  running smoothly for years to come. The oil reservoir comes equipped with a sight glass so you can check the levels at a glance, ensuring continued smooth operation.

The compressor comes with oil which must be added before it is used for the first time

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So fast


I am an avid cyclist, and after too many hours of pumping with an old school hand pump as well as bad experiences with many electric air pumps, I finally sprung for the Craftsman 10-Gallon 135PSI Oil Lube Portable Air Compressor. I have two bikes for riding with my kids. The bike with the attached seat gets a lot of extra load and needs airing up quite frequently. My other bike has a trailer attached with 2 large wheels of its own. Additionally, I have a road bike for triathlons and two jogging strollers. Just this alone warrants an air compressor! Add to that 2 cars that get plenty of mileage, and this air compressor has been a life saver. One of my favorite features is that it's so portable. As the mother of two small children, I want to be able to air up my tires and take my kids for a ride quickly. This air compressor allows me to do that. I can wheel it all around the garage as needed. Another great benefit is that the tires on our cars have enjoyed a much longer life span. Prior to purchasing this air compressor, I was never very good about keeping my tires aired up; it was never convenient timing. Now, I have made it a regular part of life to keep my tires full. I highly recommend this air compressor!




Craftsman 10 Gallon 135PSI oil-lube portable air compressor

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