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Craftsman 10" Compound Miter Saw (21236)


10" Compound Miter Saw Cuts with Perfect Precision

Expect precise, extra-clean cuts every time with the Craftsman 10" Miter Saw. This 15-amp electric miter saw features a 40-tooth carbide tip saw blade that stays sharp, and cutting boards up to 2"x6" and 4"x4" will be quick and easy. At just over 28 pounds, this saw, made from die-cast aluminum, is lightweight and easy to move to and from your project. Just right for both the do-it-yourselfer and the construction veteran, this miter saw is accurate and user-friendly.

This 10" compound miter saw with trigger control features Laser Trac, which projects a line on your task so you can align everything just right before you cut. The blade bevel range is adjustable 0 to 45 degrees, while the fence includes a right-side scale for 1/16" incremental measurements to help you achieve precisely the results you want and get your project done right. With 15 amps, this saw has a speed range of 4800 RPMs to keep you moving effortlessly through your work.

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Love this Saw!


I purchased this Miter Saw to remodel my kitchen cabinets. I first started with a miter hand saw and block, but after a few cuts I knew it would take me forever to do the 32 cabinets. Thats over 120 cuts. I thought about it and figured it would be well worth the money to buy a electric miter saw and get perfect cuts in a lot less time. I have never used a miter saw before, and found it not only easy to use but fun. I used it to cut molding around the cabinet door fronts and drawer fronts. It took a couple cuts before I got the hang of it, but after that it was a easy job. I really like this saw. The cuts were perfect. I liked the ease of adjusting the 45 right and left angle cuts. The bag holds most of the dust from going everywhere, and is easy to clean out. I finished the cabinets, and they look great. I am so proud of myself. I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without this saw. I have gotten so many complements on my kitchen cabinets. I then decided to cut molding around my plain doors throughout the house. Boy did it dress up my doors! I can't wait for my next project!

Palm Springs, CA


Craftsman 10" Compound Miter Saw (21236)

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