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Craftsman 00944804000 Quick Release 3/4 inch Drive Ratchet

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Outstanding companion tool to 4431 Break-Loose-Bar


The Craftsman 3/4 inch drive, 44804 ratchet is an outstanding piece of Engineering and U.S. manufacturing excellence. Although very difficult to break, the 4431 Craftsman 3/4 inch drive Break-Loose-Bar is a perfect companion to the ensuring the ratchet's longevity. Both tools are lifetime warranted.


San Jose, CA


Heavily built, guaranteed forever ...


I use this baby to free heavily rusted nuts/bolts/even had to take out 12 year old spark plugs with them.  It is also great at taking tires off and putting them back on.  You can put a ridiculous amount of torque on this ratchet and let me tell you, it is built to last.I have put a lot of stress on this ratchet and not once has it skipped or gotten stuck, it just keeps plugging away like the first day I got it.I've actually never had to own a 3/4" socket, so I use a 3/4" to 1/2" reducer on this baby and use my 1/2" socket collection with it.  It works wonders!


Jefferson, GA


The craftsman 3/4 drive quick release ratchet is solidly built.


Last year i bought a cheap 3/4 drive set.  Original intention -- take mobile home wheels and axles off the frame.  The short story is that cheap tools might be cheap all around.  This wrench is solid and the gears don't slip.  I have no idea of how much torque it could handle, but after I break the nuts free with the 40 inch breaker bar, the big ratchet turns 'em.  Of course, being the size it is and being built to last, it will put some bulk on your forearms regardless of how you feel about that, and whatever you do, don't drop it on your face.  Oh, and happy wrenchin'.


Jefferson City, MO


Craftsman 00944804000 Quick Release 3/4 inch Drive Ratchet

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