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reliable and will use again.


Very nice selection of merchandise. I have had some poor experiences with other suppliers and am very satisfied with Crafta. Product Pricing Very reasonably priced items. It appears to be quality merchandise. I have not used all of the items yet. Customer Service They neglected to send me the tracking number. Although they shipped my products the day after I placed my order. I emailed them about the the ship date and they responded quickly with my tracking number. Very pleased. Shipping and Returns The items were packed very neatly. My order was complete with all items ordered.



A great website for buying wedding or other craft supplies


I went to this website for one reason only - I needed ribbon and lots of it.  The local stores like Joann Fabric only sold ribbon in small rolls up to 30 yards, but most the time even less and most the time I couldn't find that many matching rolls at the same store.  Oh, and did I mention each roll was $13???? I knew there was something better so I went online and found **Crafta.com**.  For only $4, I could buy a roll that was 100 yards long!  I ended up buying 5 rolls, not knowing how much I would need.  Shipping was reasonable and the ribbon arrived quickly and in good shape.  After all my programs, invites, placecards and favors... I still have 3 rolls completely untouched!  I could have gotten enough ribbon for $8 if I wanted.  But I bought extra to be safe.  To top it off, they ended up refunding me 5$ in shipping for no reason at all... I didn't complain :) In addition, I needed some tissue to put inside my favor boxes.  I was putting candy in them and we thought a layer of tissue would make it more sanitary, plus then it would look more like a present.  Well tissue is usually sold in sheets - with creases in them.  That's no fun!  I found tissue at Crafta.com in a 30 yard roll.  Doing the math, it was much cheaper than buying it at the store, and since it was a roll there were no creases!  The tissue I purchased had a unique feel to it, not like paper but instead it was soft and flexible.  I really liked the way it made my favors look when they were opened up. Overall I recommend you check Crafta.com anytime you need to buy something in bulk.  You can find ribbon, tissue, and many other craft supplies I have been wanting a reason to try!  Every bride needs ribbon for something :)  Check out Crafta today!!

Metro Detroit, MI



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