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Cra-Z-Art  Softee Dough Super Soft Modeling Compound Play Set

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cheaper than play dough


I bought this for my daughter's birthday last week. I had actually picked up play dough first and when I saw this package of crazart modeling compound with more colors and smaller price tag I got this instead. She liked it just the same as the other brand. It works the same and there isn't much of a difference besides the packaging and price. We go through a lot of this at my house with the smaller kids dropping and having to toss a lot of it. I am going to start buying the crazart brand rather then spending more money on play dough brand and getting less product. I know how a lot of things are cheaply made and sometimes buying the more expensive product is better but that's not the case with this. A lot of people go for the brands and a lot of times I do as well but after trying this out I will never spend the extra money again on the more expensive brand. I recommend this for sure and it's great fun for the kids. I get out all kinds of tools for the kids and they play for hours.



Cra-Z-Art Softee Dough Super Soft Modeling Compound Play Set

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