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CoverGirl Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Make Up

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nice, affordable


Cover Girl has always been my favorite make-up.  I really enjoy using products that are very affordable and easy and quick to apply.  This make up is perfect for that quick morning rush.  Just apply, blend, and go!  Now I tend to have oily skin so I usually still apply powder and re-apply again later on in the day.  Actually by the end of the day the make-up has usually managed to disappear quite a bit into my skin.  So if you are like me and have extra oily skin you might need to "lightly" reapply once during the day or at least touch up with matching powder.  I find that ivory is a bit too light for me but the next shade is a bit too dark.  But I find that problem with other make up as well (even those who claim to change colors to blend in with your skin tone).  So to remedy that I just either pick a powder that is a shade darker or pick a light powder and a darker base.  Coverage is quite good so no need for a concealer.

Dutton, AL


CoverGirl Liquid Powder Makeup isn't all that impressive.


I tried CoverGirl Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Makeup because I was looking for something that was faster and simpler than traditional liquid foundation and pressed powder. I was not impressed with it. It feels heavy on your skin and tends to look cakey. Although it starts out nice and creamy, when it dries it looks really powdery and it tended to make fine lines look even worse. It does go on quicker than traditional liquid foundation but I wasn't impressed by the coverage, it was too heavy. It also clogged my pores and irritated my skin. It had a tendancy to melt a bit in the heat and rubbed off on clothes if you weren't careful. I also wasn't impressed with the sponge aplicator that came with it, I found that if I applied it with my fingers I could get a slightly lighter coverage and that helped some but still not enough to make this makeup worth it. It's worth a few extra minutes to look much better than this makeup can manage.

Birch Tree, MO


It's alright


This cover up is a bit thick for me. I have fair skin type. I wouldn't use the applicater they give you in the box. If you want a nice, even application I would opt for a good foundation brush. ;) This product is pretty cheap, too. So if you're looking for medium coverage and cheap price, this is a good product to invest in. ;)

Fort Worth, TX


very good coverage, feels like you aren't wearing any cover up.


I was always on a hunt to find that perfect coverup until i found this one. i have been using this product for abour 8 years now, i absolutly love it and have not triend anything else since. my whole family uses this coverup

Vancouver, WA


CoverGirl Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Make Up

3.3 4