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CoverGirl TRUblend Minerals Pressed Foundation

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Cover Girl True Blend Mineral Powder Foundation is lightweight.


I was pleasantly surprised by Cover Girl True Blend Mineral Powder Foundation. I picked it up on clearance at a local drug store and thought I would give it a try. I remember days past when Cover Girl foundations were muddy brown and made your face look orange. Also the smell used to bother me when I was a teenager. So fast forward 20 years of using high end cosmetics from the mall. I have found that I really like this line of Cover Girl foundation. I do not notice a smell at all, that is very important to me when it comes to a foundation. There are multiple color shades to choose from. But, the best part is how light it is on your face. I feel like I am not wearing any makeup at all. The light mineral powder is in a compact. It comes with a makeup brush. I bought several of these since they were marked clearance and each compact lasts me over two full months. You can apply as often as you want and it still looks fresh.



Very light weight and great coverage


Cover Girl True Blend Mineral Powder Foundation was a great find for me. I had been trying to find a more natural foundation and had been using sheerer liquid formulas for years. I liked the ease of the liquid, but was not happy with the heavy feeling it left on my skin. I have found that using an SPF moisterizer under the Mineral Powder Foundation, the coverage is wonderful and I don't have that heavy clinging feeling anymore. The powder does take several trips with the brush back to the product in order to cover the whole face. This took a little bit of getting used too. With the Cover Girl brand, I found the perfect match for my skin tone, which made me very happy. No more make up lines to blend. The other aspect that I found difficult to adjust too was the powder getting on my clothes as I applied the make up. My solution is a towel wrapped around my shoulders to catch the falling specs. I think I have found my foundatioin for the forseeable future.

Austin, TX


great coverage without the caked on look


I tried Cover Girl Mineral makeup after I had heard several reviews of this product. I don't like to wear a lot of makeup and when I do wear it I want it to look natural. I see too many women out there that look so "made-up" because they have an excessive amount of makeup on. That is why I love this product! It is so light and airy and I feel like I am hardly wearing any makeup at all. But the coverage it provides is great. It is very easy to apply and goes a long way. Although it is more expensive than regular makeup,I think that it is worth it. Since I have tried mineral makeup I won't go back to regular foundation again. My skin seems to be in better condition also. It is easy to remove also since it goes on so light. It is easy to find the right tone for my skin also. It comes with a brush but I apply it with a puff since it seems easier to apply but both methods work fine with this makeup.



CoverGirl TRUblend Minerals Pressed Foundation

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