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Black Woman with Rosacea


Since being clinically diagnosed with rosacea, a quite disturbing skin rash that sometimes burns and itches and creates extra dry skin on the affected areas. After trying many different types of pricey foundations to help cover the flare-ups that are common with this skin discomfort, I took a chance with Queen Latifah foundation in Amber Glow. At first I was skeptical, realizing that I had not worn drugstore makeup in an extremely long time, I sincerely did not believe the coverage would cover my splotches or not feel similar to an oily rag covering my face, Much to my surprise, I was more than impressed with the formula of the foundation. It is lightweight, odorless, and color-true. So color-true is my abbreviation of the foundation perfectly matched my skin and covered my problem areas without leaving me splotchy or shiny. Because I suffer from combination skin and have some dry patches, as well as some oily ones, I am thrilled to have found a product that takes care of my combination skin. A funny before I go, I first sampled Amber Glow in a local Walmart store. I wanted to buy the bottle, but it had been pumped so many times that I was going to pay full price for a half-full bottle. Dismayed but not defeated, I traveled to all of the Walmart stores in the Stafford/Sugarland, Texas area, only to find that not one of those stores had what I was looking for. Heavy burdened with grief over not having my product in hand, I traveled home (New Orleans) and was in the Walmart store there on Tchoupitoulas Street. I was not really looking for Amber Glow anymore, since my hopes had been dashed by the Walmart stores where I lived. Anyway, I ventured to the hair care/cosmetic isle, as I always do in any store, and THERE IT WAS BEFORE MY VERY EYES, not one by six bottles of Queen Latifah's Amber Glow Foundation. Carefully and with the skill of a foundation fanatic, I took all six of the bottles of the Amber Glow, clutched them to my chest (I had no basket) and bought them all - ALL! I am I ashamed of my selfishness? Should I have left at least one bottle of the fabulous foundation for another woman to enjoy? Did I act selfishly and thought only of myself? The answer to all of these questions is YES! and I would do it again and again. THANKS, QUEEN!




Made especially for women of color


I have been wearing Cover Girl for years. In my opinion is work better them some of the high end cosmetics. Just this past weekend I was reading Ebony and saw the layout for The Queen Collection. I wanted to stick to just one brand for everything lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, etc. So I decided to try everything out a week before I was going to a wedding. Currently I buy power foundation and lip-gloss from Cover Girl and every now and then I buy mascara. Well I tried the Hue line for African American women and it consist of a mouse like foundation. I was unsure what color to get because while I am African American I have light skin. I purchased color 500 and I also got the volume mascara and skin bronzer. I couldn't believe how smooth and clear my skin looked. It had that glow that I once had when I was pregnant. I got so many compliments. However I think next time I am gonna get color 550 cause it was a tad light but the bronzer made it even out. My lashes were just perfect not over the top and it didn't clump or burn when I rubbed my eye. Like always the gloss was perfect lasted all day and keep my lips kissable soft. Cover Girl as done it again......making quality makeup at a price everyone can afford.


Indianapolis, IN


Thank You Queen!!!!!


Finally a quality make-up at drugstore prices for women of color!!! This makeup is wonderful!!! Its colors are true, they blend well, and don't feel heavy or sticky. When this line first came out, it was difficult to find in this area, but that has changed and it is now readily available. I always had a problem finding browns that showed brown, not orange, or muddy; on my skin. This is one of only a few lines that actually show as a true brown. Also, I don't get that itchy, icky feeling in this makeup. It does not leave that greasy shine...it is just natural looking. And the blushes and glosses: GREAT!!! it is evident that a lot of thought went into the production of this line. It definitely filled a void out there. The cost of these items are modest. And there are coupons out there almost weekly for this line. I personally like this line better than some of the higher priced, department store brands that are out there. Thank you Queen and thank you Cover Girl!!!


Lilburn, GA


The Queen Latifah make-up collection is great and i love it.


The Queen Latifah make up collection are great products.  Like anything else there is always room for improvement.  I wish they made make up that did not transfer onto your hands, clothes, etc.., messing them up.  It is a great product for African American women and the price is reasonable.


Dermott, AR


CoverGirl Queen Collection bronzer made me...bronze


I got a free sample of CoverGirl Queen collection bronzer and I was very excited to use it.  My old bronzer was getting low and I was looking for a replacement.  I have pale skin, so I use bronzer every day in my makeup routine.  The color of bronzer I received was brown bronze Q110.  The color looks pretty dark when compared to my natural skin color and it looks very different from my skin color when I put it on.  If you are looking for a heavy pigmented bronzer, then this is the bronzer for you, but I prefer something a little more sheer or something in a shade closer to my natural skin color.  I am still using the bronzer, since it is a full-sized sample, but I only use it in light doses.  I think this bronzer will last me for a while at this rate.  I would definitely be open to trying this product in another shade because I think it is a quality product, but I just didn't get the right shade for the look that I prefer.


Saint Paul, MN


cheap easy way to bring the queen in you out


The Cover girl Queen collection by Cover Girl is not only a great bargain, but a great deal as well. It helps to bring out the queen in you. I love this make up because I happen the be an African American female whom in the past has had trouble with finding and inexpensive and affordable make up to match my complexion. The different hues and colors make me feel like a queen. Since I started using these amazing products, I have more confident in myself and can hold my head up high. I use to think that since my complexion was darker then most that i was ugy but since finding this make up I have reliezed that dark is just as beautiful as light. The Queen colection is inspiring and perfect for the person on the go or the person who takes tie. Its simple and easy to appy and it feels great. Wonderful colors that look absoutely radiant to the skin by making it glow with such warm colors. I have had this reaction myself through my experience with the queen collection. All in all I would have to say great buy.


Winston Salem, NC


Never again.


I guess I'm going against the grain here. I've tried various products from the Queen line and I just don't like it at all, especially the eyeshadows. Maybe the product was out of date or something, but it was hard to even get the product to pick up on my applicator. It just refused to move from the darned package to my eyes. It barely showed up on my face. I'm not darker skinned or even brown skinned so I should have gotten some color at least. The color I did get onto my face looked dirty. Not cute at all. Maybe since then the formula has changed or something. I'm an eyeshadow junkie. I've had so many kinds, brands, etc. These I categorize as never try again, especially after 3 or 4 attempts from the same line. Maybe one day I will give it a try just to see, but not now. The colors look so beautiful in the package, though. Just not on my face.


Douglas, GA


Natural looking foundation for not a lot of money!


When it comes to foundation I have to be careful because I have sensitive skin. Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation color Bronze 607 is what I normally wear(to be reviewed later).  When I picked up this Natural Hue foundation from the Queen Collection, I was out of Mary Kay and really in need of foundation for a party where heavy picture taking was going to happen!  My color with this collection is Q550 Rich Mink.  I really like it.  It looks very natural against my skin tone and it applies very well.  It does not look cakey or thick.  This foundation makes you look dewey , opposed to matte.  Because of this coverage type, I have to be careful because my skin is oily and you can look shiny after a few hours.  The Covergirl offers the same medium coverage as the Mary Kay, for almost half the price.  I like that this foundation is not perfumed, and a little goes a long way.  It has not irritated my skin at all.  I will definitely get this foundation again. I give this stuff two thumbs up.


Birmingham, AL


The 'Q' collection is really nice....


This Cover Girl line by Queen Latifah has deep, rich colors especially for women of color.  I have about 3-4 of the lipsticks and 3 of the lipglosses. They are vibrant colors which last a long time.  I have also tried one of the foundations which worked really well and it goes from wet to dry.  I haven't tried anything else but I will because I am impressed with the products I've tried so far.


Pittsburgh, PA


CoverGirl Queen Collection - All Products

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