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CoverGirl Peelers  peelable nail polish

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CoverGirl Peelers are fun for my granddaughters.


When I first used CoverGirl Peelers peelable nail polish I was more than a little confused.I bought it paint my granddaughters fingernails.When I polished her nails I noticed it dried faster than any other polish I had ever used.My granddaughter went off to play after I was finished polishing her nails.I seen her about 10 minutes later and all traces of the nail  polish were gone.I couldnt figure how she had  managed to get it all off.I looked every wear thinking she had wiped it on something.I finally figured out this is a peelable nail polish.I had no idea peelable nail polish was even made.This is now a favorite among my grandaughters.The girls love to use it.They dont have to wait around for it to dry.I dont have to worry about them smearing it all over the house.This nail polish looks good and it rarley chips.When you get tired of it you just peel it off.It comes off entirley and never stains your fingernails.I always buy it when I see it because it is hard to find in stores.


West Union, OH


CoverGirl Peelers peelable nail polish

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