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CoverGirl Mascara - All Product

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I really love Cover Girl makeup especially the mascara.  It is easy to put on and last all day.  I like it because it doesn't clump on.  I have very thick and long eyelashes so it is very important to me for them not to clump up on me.  Plus, when it is time to wash the mascara off it is easy to come off.  I really like the color options that Cover Girl gives to you also.  Plus, all the different kinds of mascara that is offered too.  It is the only mascara that I can wear.  I switched to another brand and I found out I was allergic to it.  My eye turned red and it was swollen shut.  Plus, it formed a rash.  I had to go to the doctor and they told me to stop wearing it.  So, I did and it cleared right up.  So, Cover Girl is the only brand mascara that I trust and would likely wear.  I would recommend all the Cover Girl makeup to friends and family.  I hope they keep making different products and coming out with different colors.


League City, TX


Best for the price


When I got my first mascara for Christmas, I was so excited. The next day, I was scrubbing it off of my eyes--it messed with my contacts, caused my eyelashes to clump together (top and bottom), got all over my face, and came off half-way through the day.    I tried a different brand, and that one had its own set of issues. The other brand would not come off easily (or even with make up remover), caused my lashes to clumped together, and smeared down my face by the end of the day.    I switched to the Cover Girl brand a few years ago, and I do not plan on switching back any time soon. It's a very good price, it stays on very well, it does not clump, and it washes off fairly easily.    I don't even bother with water proof mascara--the basic mascara stays on (unless I have buckets of water dumped on me), and the water proof mascara tends to clump more.    The only downside that bothers me is that the mascara doesn't last for more than a month without starting to smell after a month. 


Portland, OR


The best


I have always used cover girl mascara and up until a couple of weeks ago I decided to see what another brand was like. I was so bummed when the other mascara would not come off with face wash and clumped. I of course went back to cover girl and will never change again.


Hillsboro, OR


CoverGirl Mascara - All Product

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