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CoverGirl IncrediFULL Lipcolor - All Shades

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Made for Over 50 with Disappearing Lips


Cover Girl has one very great lip plumper product.  It is color as well as a waker-upper for over 50 lips.  No more drawing over the lip line to make lips larger.  This does it without looking like a plastic surgeon on speed.  Some products have a very plastic look to their products, but Cover Girl researched this idea very well.  I was a product tester through a market research firm on this when I complained about my lipline disappearing.  From a lite pink to a dark cherry, your lips look devine.  Great to leave a kiss on a very sexy guy's cheek since it is not long wear.  Again half the price of what is out there, so I have about a dozen for my moods.  Join me, you will thank me.  "Spicy Pucker #972" is my favorite.

Cleveland, OH


I love this Product!!!


I bought this product and I loved it, I didn't really beleive that it would plump my lips but it really did! I am very impressed, and I love all the colors they have to choose from! I will deffintly be using this in the future. The price is a little more than I would like to pay (I am a single mom) but I decided to try it and am very happy with the results. I would really incourage other women to try this product! The color really stays in place even when eating and drinking, and even the nasty habbit of smoking, (which I do). I can not say enough about this product, cover girl has out sone their self!

Yreka, CA


CoverGirl IncrediFULL Lipcolor - All Shades

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