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CoverGirl Fantastic Lash Mascara

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Covergirl Fantastic lash Waterproof mascara.A treasure!


I have tried every mascara out there from high end to low end, and this does everything a mascara should do.It thickens, it lengthens and it deposits a rich color to your eyelashes to make your eyes really stand out.The look of false eyelashes without the hassle.

Escondido, CA


CoverGirl Fantastic Lash plumps up my lashes


Cover Girl fantastic lash with hydrofuge is a great waterproof mascara.  I wear contacts, so waterproof mascara isn't exactly the best thing for me to be using, but this product (when kept away from my contacts) works well.  It plumps up my lashes and makes them feel full and thick.  I have a hard time removing this product with my eye makeup remover, which is oil-free.  I may need to purchase an oil based remover or switch to a non-waterproof mascara.  The packaging is sophisticated and works well with the Cover Girl brand.  This product helps shape my eyelashes, so that they stay curled all day.  I have not had problems with flaking or a noticable difference in my mascara appearance from day to night.  I would recommend this product to people who are looking for a waterproof mascara that gives their lashes volume and is made by a trustworthy brand.  I purchased the black version and it looks great.

Saint Paul, MN


CoverGirl Fantastic Lash won't smear, but it does flake


I had heard good things about the CoverGirl Fantastic Lash mascara, so I was decided to try it.  I agree with the other reviewers that it doesn't smear.  I have even walked out in the rain and come in without the racoon look.  My lashes are defined, don't clump, and look beautiful.  At least in the morning. While it does not smear, it flakes horribly.  At least once every two weeks, I have to take a contact out and wash out a mascara clump from my eye.  By the end of the day I have a fine black look underneath one or both eyes.  Also, my standard eyemakeup remover doesn't remove it and the oil stuff aggravates my acne.  Also, I pulled out the brush last week and 1/3 of the bristles had fallen off! Guess it's back to the store to try something else.

Waldron, IN


CoverGirl Fantastic Lash Mascara

3.7 3