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CoverGirl Clean Oil Control Foundation

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Best foundation


I have been using Cover Girl Clean Oil Control foundation for many years. I have found this to be one of the best foundations on the market at a reasonable price for the consumer. It is a liquid foundation that I apply with a round sponge for even application. It generally comes in one ounce bottles with a silver lid. The fragrance is fairly mild and I hardly notice it unless I'm near the bottle. My skin tends to be oily at times and that is why I chose this oil control formula. I still get acne at times even though I am in my 40's and so I like to use this foundation in hopes to prevent any further outbreaks. I find that it works quite well because it has been dermatologically tested to be oil free and fragrance free. I have tried the creamy natural number 520 and I like that tone on my skin which tends to be a little pale since we are in Alaska. I do use some blush on my cheeks after I apply the foundation for color.

Anchorage, AK


Light, smooth coverage


I've been using Cover Girl Clean foundation for fifteen years, and I continue to be happily pleased with the results. It goes on very smooth, on top of a concealer (if necessary). This foundation provides good coverage without being heavy on the skin. I use a bronzer on my cheeks on top of it every day, and I've also successfully used a concealer on top in some cases. I feel 'at home' in this foundation, and I hope Proctor and Gamble never stops making it! I'm afraid to try anything else for fear that it won't look as nice or natural. I've also never had a problem with this product irritating my skin, and the price is very reasonable. I'd recommend this to anyone, especially someone just starting to wear makeup or who wears makeup rarely. You'll hardly notice it's on!

Ottawa, OH


Cover Girl Clean Oil Control foundation proves its name!


I never walk out of the house without having my "face put on". The cover girl foundation is the base of it all. I am very pleased with the oil control that this foundation provides. The product has a distinct clean smell to it. It is long lasting, and when you chose the correct shade it matches very well with no lines or streaks.  It seems to me that they changed the formula to this product in the past year. I honestly liked the other one better. The new blend made me break out, something the old one never did.  I really like the cover girl clean product line! It is the only line of foundation that I will use. The foundation is also the only one that I recommend to people with sensitive skin. My opinion is that it works better than the pricier department store brands ( like clinic and lancolm)  This is also one of the few products that I will purchase with out a coupon. and That is really saying something.

Lawton, MI


Cover Girl Clean Light foundation


I bought this to try after moving the the states again and trying to find a make up that was a good price and worth the money.  Cover Girl clean is ok, not what I wanted but I am using it.  For me the foundation was not very concealing and seems like you have to use a lot and then it looks heavy.  I also do not like the top.  It is hard to use.  I really wish it had a pump top.  It feel greasy at first and then  vanishes and does not cover well.  I really do not like the smell. It does seem good in that it does not clog the pours and the tone is good.  Also I wanted to try it to see how it worked with my oily skin.  It is ok but does not really hide the oil.  It does seem to help hide sweat a little. I really have to use a powder over it all the time to give it a more uniform and less shinny look.  I do try to use it to cover my blemishes.  It is ok but I really probably won't buy it again.

Ninety Six, SC


CoverGirl Clean Oil Control Foundation

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