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Country Living

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For the avid country enthusiast


Country Living is a great magazine with a pleasing format, loads of ideas and interesting commentary. The photography has an interesting slant - the pictures of the rooms are not 'canned' looking. They are fresh and look livable. The magazine has tons of ideas for actually finding the pieces of furniture or the accessories and it's inspiring to know there are accessable opportunities to locate the particular pieces or some reasonable alternative. I am a long time reader/subscriber. The subscription is reasonably priced and very budget friendly which is encouraging. It doesn't feature only high end antiques but shows you how to use every day things that the average person actually might have access to. Unless there is a huge change in the magazine, I will continue to be a loyal subscriber.


Brandon, MS


If you like Country things, you'll love Country Living.


I'm a country girl through and through. This magazine is has wonderful ideas for simple, country elegance in your home and garden. The tips and ideas on how to restore an old dresser to how to find the best deals at the flea market, this magazine has it all. I even have a scrap book that I keep articles or photos of interest, so I can refer to them again and again. I really love this magazine.


Junction City, OR


Very Interesting magazine


I have been reading this magazine for about a year now.  I live in a log house and have found several nice decorating hints in this book.  I love to read and this magazine has many interesting stories.  Would recommend for anyone who like to decorate their home!!!


Hazard, KY


This magazine has everything.


This magazine is well written and informative, yet remains friendly.  It brings back memories and shows new ideas at the same time.  The recipes give both old and new ways to make them with tips on how to do new things with them. I especially love the variety of the magazine.  One page you might read about how to make a quilt and then turn the page and see an article on flowers or an article about birds or some other animal.  Every issue focuses on something different, but all to do with country living. 


Longs, SC


My one complaint is the issues are never Big enough for me!


I have Subscribed to Country Living since my kids were little, it seems they always have fresh ideas I never would have thought of and the articles on collecting are just great. I find it to be very well rounded as it includes great entertaining recipes and wonderful do-it-yourself projects for both home improvement and country style crafts. I would be very sad if they stopped publishing this magazine.


Victoria, TX


Updated Vintage Design


I consider my personal decorating style to be more updated traditional and less country, but I admit to having a fondness for the country style.   Although I don't use dried hydrangeas, rusted watering cans, or gingham curtains in my own home, I still appreciate the style.  It is so reminiscent of days gone by; family holidays at my grandparents, summer trips to the amusement park, and lazy afternoons exploring my grandmother's giant pantry.  I look forward to my monthly **Country Living** magazine because it's a good way to relax with a cup of tea. Country Living has the typical decorating and garden photographs that you would expect, but it also goes a step further with articles on decorating, antiques, collecting, cooking, crafting, gardens, flea markets, new products, and much more.  I know that I will never spin my own yarn, but I have been inspired to create my own gift wrap paper by an article I read in a holiday issue.  There are plenty of traditional country-style elements but the editors also tend to keep things updated and fresh. My favorite feature is **"what is it? what is it worth?",** which showcases various collectables that are described and evaluated by a professional appraiser.  It's kind of like a monthly "Antiques Roadshow," where readers send in photos of their treasures and are given an appraisal and value of each piece.  It's fun to try to even guess what some of those vintage items are or what purpose they were used for.  Another favorite recurring feature is the artist profile where master crafters share their stories and give readers a peek into their designs and creative process.  It's nice when a magazine makes a point of celebrating creative individuals who use their talent of their ideas and hands more than they use machines.   Overall, Country Living does have its share of the distressed furniture and barnyard rooster look.  But it offers so much more.  It is visually appealing, has a wide variety of topics, and keeps this reader looking forward for more.


Chicagoland, IL


A delightful escape to a dream lifestyle


I have been reading and enjoying Country Living Magazine for over 10 years now.  Each issue is like a visit with an old friend.  Curling up with tea and the magazine is my 'treat' for that day.   The styling and layout makes the magazine a visual pleasure. 


Red Bank, NJ


Love it!


I just adore this magazine! I love home decor magazines, even though I really don't have the money or space to start projects. Nonetheless, I get great decorating ideas from *Country Living*! And really, the price is great. If you do a little bit of searching on the Internet, you can definitely find some great bargains for a year's worth of issues. Also, some magazines have great content, but terrible websites - not this one! The website is just as much fun as the 'zine. There are several categories - crafts, ideas, sweepstakes - for you to check out, and they constantly add new content. The only negative? I would love to see more "cheap" decorating ideas, especially considering the economy at the moment. In spite of this, I still collect pictures and ideas, even ones that I don't have money for. I figure that even if I can't technically afford the ideas, I can probably find or create good knock-offs for most of them.


Mount Berry, GA


Great decorating ideas!


Just recently subscribed to Country Living Magazine.  I am a deorator by heart - my home is always a work in progress.  Country Living has a good variety of ideas that are not too far out there.  I live in an average middle-class home so I can't afford anything elaborate, yet I want quality decorating ideas and pictures.  I don't want anything in my home that looks cheap or thrown together.  I think they do a good job of giving ideas that are doable and affordable.


Mcalester, OK


I was pleasantly surprised the first time I read this!


I recently subscribed to this magazine, having previously thought that it was full of articles meant for people with a different lifestyle than myself.  I was wrong!  This magazine is meant for those who value a simpler life--no glamourous decorating or ritzy recipes here!  If you are a down-to-earth person who appreciates country life and a more laid-back lifestyle, this magazine is for you!


South Berwick, ME


Country Living

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