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Coty airspun loose face powder

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Coty's Face Powder is popular for a reason.


I picked up one of Coty's Airspun Loose Face Powders during a sale, and I am so happy that I did! I recognized the famous cardboard-esque container because I had actually seen it among my mother's cosmetics. From a little research, I realized that this brand has been around since 1935! And people are still using it today! The product itself is great. I use it to set my make-up, and it works like a dream. However, I can see how over using the powder can wash one's face out, but that probably will not be an issue if you are only using it to set your make-up. The scent is inoffensive, but it might bother people who do not like cosmetics with fragrances. The container I bought was not the cardboard container, but I did see that available. I assume that they upgraded the packaging recently; the one I picked up was a heavy duty plastic. It definitely is not as cute as the former packaging, but it is more practical. It is a great value because you get a lot of product, but I am a bit annoyed with the fact that mine did not come with a sifter which leads to a lot of fallout. Overall, it is a great product.


Anaheim, CA


Best loose powder make-up


This is a great powder for a finished look to your make-up after putting on your foundation. It comes in a variety of colors to match everyone's skin shade.. Everyone compliments my skin and asks what I use. I have always used loose powder and that makes the difference. It has a lightweight feel and keeps it feeling fresh for hours. You can always touch up later in the day with just a little. I do wish they would have a little one for your purse though. I put a powder puff with a little powder on it and wrap in a tissue to carry in my purse. A few companies have come out with loose powder, but this one seems to be the best so far. It does carry a light scent which I wish they would get rid of. It has been the same for years, but other than that, it makes my make-up look professional and finished. I would highly recommend loose powder, especially this one to anyone who is using compact powder. Once you change to loose, you will never go back. It's such a difference to your skin. Your skin feels like it's breathing. I love it.


Belleville, NJ


Coty airspun loose face powder

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