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Booster Car Seats
Cosco Ventura DX High Back Booster Seat

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My son loves his new car seat!!


Its a great carseat! and I got such an awesome price for it, too!  The seat belt is really nice on it, its pretty easy to adjust and fairly easy to install in the car.  The shoulder snap thing seems backwards though... just opposite sides.  Its not a big deal, I'm just not used to unhooking it with that hand.  Maybe the other carseat we had was backwards... im not sure.  Either way, not a big deal, im getting used to un-doing it with my left hand instead of right. My son loves the seat, he feels like a big boy, and he is comfortable in it.  That is a big plus!  And not that this matters as much in comparison, but I also really love how it looks and how he looks in it!  The fabric feels like a brushed suede and it looks really nice.  It also came with a cupholder.  Its a nice feature to have, but we dont use it.... maybe if we went on a long trip or something.  otherwise, he usually doesnt have a cup with him or he just holds it in his hands.  Overall, very  nice seat at a very good price.  Cant go wrong!

Ogden, UT


Perfect for the sitter


We got this seat for my friend who babysits all the time for us. My 2 year old loves it because its a big girl seat and she DEFINATELY thinks she is hot stuff now. I wish it had more padding and eps foam, but for the overall price its a great seat. I recomend most definately.

Vilonia, AR


booster seat


i am writing a the highback car seat it is inportant for children up till they are 9 years old to sit in one of these. there are to many drunk drivers and crazy drivers that could kill your young one and that is sad but its true. if your young one is not in one the police will get you and give you a huge fine. if you dont have any money to purchance one there is a program you can get on at the health dpt to get a free one . All you have to do is sit in a class for a hour and listen to the instructor and follow instruction and fill out the application they give you them you can purchance a brand new booster seat . they are really nice and worth the wait. they also have warrenty on them . And they will even give you a paper to mail in if they are any recalls on them you will be the first to know. But seriosly you should think before you put your child in the car without a seat. They could die or you can lose your drivers licence or even go to jail.

Knoxville, TN


I love our cosco booster seat, it has made our son happy!


Our son had gotten to big for his carseat, so we had to search for something else because he was still too small to sit in the seat of the vehicle. I shopped around for booster seats, comparing prices and weight limits. We wanted to find something affordable, safe and that he could ride in for a number of years, We found the cosco booster seat, it was about mid-priced amd had the things we were looking for. It has a safe five point harness and a comfy seat for the child, cushioin all around the sides and back and bottom. It also has a cup holder, that has a great little rubber flap inside to keep the childs drink from flipping over an on the carpet or seat. It also has a small storage compartment for string small things. My son likes to stick his snacks in it or when he's not muching he likes to put his building blocks in there. The seat gives him a lot of freedom and mobilitywhile keeping him safe and putting my mind at ease. My son absolutly loved the upgrade!

Woodstock, GA


Cosco Ventura DX High Back Booster Seat

4.5 4